iie shi

Hunger,the unabtainable hunger of freedom....


1. The birth

She howled in pain, the howl was long & painfull.It hurt my ears, the long endless pain was ringing through my ears & nothing could stop it.


God, if only it would stop, then I could sleep for one night.That's all I ask,one night of sleep & no noise until morning.I groaned, I'd have to shut her up by seeing her.


So I ran through the woods, the howling grew louder as I drew closer to the white oak.The white oak was a scacred tree, known for it's pureness, so it was suprizing that the noise was coming from below it.


The she-wolf howled, the pain for her was unbearable but for me it was torture.I growled at her & the cub pushed out, then I took a closer look at it, the cub had two legs & wolf ears on top of it's head, there was no fur at all.


I looked at the she-wolf,the effort had cost her dearly & now she lay dead upon the forest floor.I knew I would never know why the had given birth to a two-leg but she died keeping her cub safe from harm.


I watched this little cub, as it started to crawl across,I could see from here, the little one was a she-wolf.


I shall name you Nucarama. I thought & left for the two-legs to find her....


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