The RuneScape Contest , And Proof I Love This Game


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Making RuneScape Fair for Every Player!

This Thread was introduced into "Existing Content" in order to show the RuneScape community that I would simply like this game to be a more fair place for every player , regardless of level , race , or location of the player.

No violations of any Forum Rules , OR Game Rules is intended.

I have found OVER 200 bugs in the RuneScape game , since 2002.

Most have gone unreported...

Since now , every time I say the word "Bug" on the forums my Thread gets locked, forcing me to make a new one , and ending in me getting forum banned, this thread (which will not include any specific information on these bugs) must be either stickied, or constantly bumped until a Jagex Moderator OR Developer reads it.

Since most of these Bugs add an unfair advantage to RuneScape , ......


2. The "hidden post".

The RealBella Dawne

Feb 2007 12-Jul-2012 23:02:00 ProfileHighlight Since everyone (EVERYONE) is aware that all games have glitches/bugs, JaGeX have designed a bug reporting system that works for them; to be made aware of these glitches, to give them a priority, to ensure that unscrupulous players reading the forums don't take advantage of said glitches. Since you seem to know about this system, you should also realise that it is pointless to expect some kind of personalised response/contact for you to impart this to any JageX personnel able to do something with this knowledge. Trying to circumvent the already established system for dealing with bugs won't win you any brownie points especially if you constantly clog up the forums with it. Yes there are hundreds of bugs that need fixing and yes it takes time to see and report them all but I almost get the sense that you spend more time deliberately looking for them than you do actually playing and enjoying the game. Go play the game and when you come across a glitch/bug, quickly report it via the required method, then continue on with your game play.

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  player56654 12-Jul-2012 23:35:51 Last edited on 12-Jul-2012 23:37:09 by player56654 Profile Bella- I am NOT trying to circumvent the bug reporting system , as you seem to think i am. I am also NOT trying to clog up the forums. As the person below you said , and as my posts read: - These glitches have been reported several times. - Never got fixed. - Seem to be ignored -The sheer amount of glitches would take at least 200 glitch reports... If you have the time to do that , be my guest. - If you have the time to find all 229 (approximate number) Glitches , and type up the 229 Bug Reports , and also can find somewhere to post the 229 fixes for said glitches WITHOUT clogging up the forums, then feel free to. Until then this forum will stand strong , as it is. My opinion will not change, so please do not try to alter it. Thanks! Have a great day... -Player56654

  player56654 12-Jul-2012 23:38:30 Profile BUMP!!!!! Please post support! We CAN and WILL get JaGeX to listen , eventually!!!

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