The RuneScape Contest , And Proof I Love This Game


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Making RuneScape Fair for Every Player!

This Thread was introduced into "Existing Content" in order to show the RuneScape community that I would simply like this game to be a more fair place for every player , regardless of level , race , or location of the player.

No violations of any Forum Rules , OR Game Rules is intended.

I have found OVER 200 bugs in the RuneScape game , since 2002.

Most have gone unreported...

Since now , every time I say the word "Bug" on the forums my Thread gets locked, forcing me to make a new one , and ending in me getting forum banned, this thread (which will not include any specific information on these bugs) must be either stickied, or constantly bumped until a Jagex Moderator OR Developer reads it.

Since most of these Bugs add an unfair advantage to RuneScape , ......


4. Page 3 , RuneScape Forums. Thread 74-75-605-63873097.

BUMP please support!!!

  Eva Element Jan 2012 19-Jul-2012 20:16:53 ProfileHighlight Glitches that can be exploited how? The major glitches that allow people massive upper hands are always prioritized first.

  player56654 29-Jul-2012 17:38:50 Profile Ha.... Eva element ... Listen... Runescape is very unfair , i have found and also way too over-marketed ( market oriented) . Without disclosing any information that Jagex is unaware of, I will say that i told a player moderator how to beat the trade limit, without doing anything more simple than switching e-mail addresses ... THESE are the glitches that must be stopped.... _Not* glitches like " My graphics aren't working up-to-par" . We don't care, Jagex just quit giving us quality in graphics programming and start coding your game properly! I have only shown this glitch to a small group of select people, and starting now i DEMAND something be done about these glitches that i find ! i do NOT control when i find them , or the fact that people want to know about them, TO EXPLOIT YOUR GAME! These are the kinds of things i could be getting paid CASH for but i choose not to , and have informed your company of glitches in the game before but nobody listens to me when i say this! PLEASE TAKE NOTICE OF THIS THREAD , JAGEX!


  player56654 29-Jul-2012 17:43:14 Profile DISCLAIMER TO JAGEX: THAT WAS SIMPLY AN EXAMPLE OF THE GLITCH ( NEWER) I've found since 2002! I have been playing forever you can check my IP address !!! Same since i was about...... Meh, 8 or 10! You should be using IP's to track accounts that bot , macro etc! Also you can multiple login... THIS IS RUINING RUNESCAPE PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS!

  player56654 29-Jul-2012 17:54:59 Profile P.S. Dear Jagex... Why have all my older accounts been deleted? I remember in RSC WHEN YOU COULD NAME YOUR ACCOUNT LESS THAN 5 CHARACTERS! Now i tried to login to my account from back then... which i bought membership on enough times.... And it wouldn't work... So i added it! This is my point... Now it is level 124 or something so i added it.. The owner doesn't even know it was that old! So i don't know if this account i used to own is now re-named or... what? Has the name been taken? Maybe i was silly and let that account transfer hands mistakenly? But Jagex needs to do more for it's players! LISTEN TO WHAT WE HAVE TO SAY! WE WANTED THE WILDERNESS BACK , WE GOT IT. SELLING SPINS TO THE SQUEAL OF FORTUNE MIGHT AS WELL BE SELLING GOLD! WHICH YOU ARE SO AGAINST.... If you want to see Runescape a better place , listen to the ones that play... I can't believe that the Forum Mods overlooked me telling them about this... I simply got told to " shut up" by a moderator ... I could be making more money than you probably do, off your own game , Jagex! And yet you still don't listen to us, when you're so smart and these glitches go overlooked! People sell their accounts everyday! Maybe to friends they know... ETC . i remember when account sharing was deemed bad... NOW I CAN TELL ANY MOD ABOUT IT AND THEY DO NOTHING... The Chat i told about these glitches is now #1 free dungeoneering chat as well.... Anyways i'm sorry if you think it's wrong to try and use these characters to convince you of my good intentions... I could post links to pictures on these threads , but i do not... I could SHOW you all of these unfair advantages... But nobody listens!

  player56654 29-Jul-2012 17:56:57 Last edited on 29-Jul-2012 18:05:37 by player56654 Profile EDIT : ( /\ This has happened A LOT to me... Jagex thinks people have 2000000 accounts or something like that? Mistaken!) EDIT: (/\ these people simply have at least 1000 account each , riding every glitch in Runescape to get an advantage on the next person) This is outrageous simply because I know a forum moderator will probably highlight my post for going against the rules of the forums when they should highlight it for "be seen by developer" button.... Simply saddening how the band-aid solution gets used , hmm? Look at 2H Glitch Switch... That has become a big part of Runescape culture , and in my humble opinion... The 2hs had more power and the same (or better) Hit strength to begin with ( and speed) and now YOU PEOPLE try to even it out by adding 2 scimitars? I remember the Rune 2 Handed Sword came out at 1 million coins - ish.... Why not leave runescape the way we all loved it , fix these glitches , and THEN come out with new content? Too busy RAKING IN PROFITS? Thought so... And you wonder why people sell gold , bot , macro , use glitches , ETC? We CAN and WILL find them, eventually it's simply a matter of time.... So what , I may not respect every rule , but I do respect that you are trying to run a corporation and a lot of the players are angry at you!

  player56654 29-Jul-2012 18:09:43 Profile I will be right back I am going to have a cigarette... Funny , I say that and most players look down on me " you smoke?" these are young players , jagex. You are taking their hard-earned money and using a set of morals which most players disregard and take advantage of.... I've seen it happen.

  player56654 29-Jul-2012 18:11:36 Profile So you see it as " Getting paid to look the other way" Well we need and want people that listen to the consumers! Not Money- Hungry Corporate Enterprises! It's a hierarchy of people covering this up! The people simply must know...

  player56654 29-Jul-2012 18:14:55 Profile Now you can come out with anything you want to , Jagex , but i am simply saying you will make more subscriptions if you listen to what players like me are saying.... I believe that is why most players like me want to be seen in the Beta... Played for a long time, and want to help make runescape a better place! You are on the right track , but still... If you plan on leaving Runescape the same any time soon to keep your current Fanbase... Then of course you will want to hear these things! I have devised simple strategies to combat macroing and account sharing etc etc......


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