Its A Summer Fling

Lilly has just Flew to Paris to visit her freind Hayley who got a summer internship at Teen Vouge. Everyday when Hayley finishes at 3'o clock they go out to the same little cafe by the cannal where Brody works but neither of them know that this one order changes everything.


3. Was This Real


I left Hayley at the bus stop as she had to go back to her summer Apartment I waited with her until her bus came I waved goodbye and made my way back to my room. As I arrived in my room I collapsed on my bed and remembered the note! I pulled my bag up to the bed and pulled out a white folded piece of paper, I gently unfold it just in case something fell out although the paper was to small for anything to fit within it.  I eventually had a fully unfolded piece of paper with scruffy writing on it it read “meet me at the café at sundown” it was singed by him.   Dear Diary, Today I feel as if I have just landed on cloud 9 I have been in Paris for just under a day and I'm in love. Is this right? I have so many thoughts going through my head its unreal. I mean I feel like Hayley has changed so much since the start of her Paris trip she seems to have matured like cheese ( I think that matures), I miss the old Hayley but I guess she thinks the same about me its just what am I meant to do? Anyway I shouldn't be getting myself down, I should be getting myself ready so I can go meet up with Brody :D .   I closed the diary and once again locked it my suitcase. I jumped in the shower and washed my hair (it smelt of strawberry’s) and dried it I put on my red floral summer dress and my black heels ( they were only small heels) and applied some make up I grabbed my bag and keys and walked out. I was their within 5 minutes I looked around I was alone standing outside a café it was obvious, he stood me up. I sat at the table I was early today and pulled out my phone when I felt a pair of warm hands placed on my shoulder I jumped and turned there he stood dressed in black jeans and a hoodie. He smiled at me I blushed. “so you came” his voice just as I remembered “of course I did I wasn't going to let you stand outside here on your own all night was I” I stood up and laughed. He took hold of my hand and started walking “come on follow me I want to show you something” I kept hold of his hand and followed I didn't bother asking any questions it would of ruined the moment. After a while he stopped and put his hands over my eyes he turned me to what seemed to be a 90 degree angle. “are you ready?” he asked playfully, it was obvious this was a rhetorical question. He removed his hands their in front of me stood the Eiffel Tower all light up “wow” It was meant to be a silent thought to myself but I couldn't hold it in. Brody laughed and put his arms around me. This was perfect I thought to myself hat else could I ask for? The only thing is I was going back to London soon and it would all be forgotten and over.
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