Its A Summer Fling

Lilly has just Flew to Paris to visit her freind Hayley who got a summer internship at Teen Vouge. Everyday when Hayley finishes at 3'o clock they go out to the same little cafe by the cannal where Brody works but neither of them know that this one order changes everything.


4. The Text


Once again I found myself walking on my own back towards my room with a note in my bag but this time when I entered my room instead of collapsing on my bed I fell asleep. I didn't wake till late afternoon the next day, I checked my phone 9 messages and 7 missed calls all from Brody except one, one was from Hayley and it was one long message. I decided that it must be pretty important I read it with care and saw the words “leaving Paris tonight” I phoned her immediately knowing that the rest of the text explained why but phoning her was better. “why are you leaving tonight?” “take it you didn't read the full message as always” “you know me to well but that don't answer my question” “well I decided Paris is great but the whole internship in paris and all this stuff its going all to fast so im flying home tonight” “well I'm coming with you!” “there’s a surprise. But what about Brody?” I sat quietly and hung up that was the question I had in the back of my head but  knew in my heart nothing was going to happen to us I text Hayley back “I'm coming back with you regardless Brody is only a summer fling” 
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