Its A Summer Fling

Lilly has just Flew to Paris to visit her freind Hayley who got a summer internship at Teen Vouge. Everyday when Hayley finishes at 3'o clock they go out to the same little cafe by the cannal where Brody works but neither of them know that this one order changes everything.


2. Meeting Him


I was in deep thought and didn't notice we had been walking for some time now or the fact Hayley had been continuously saying my name. “LILLY!” Hayley was shouting at me, she never shouted at me but then again I never ignored her. I turned my head and smiled she was to mad to smile she nudged me and that seemed to make her feel better. “so where are we going?” I asked curiously hoping that it could lead to a conversation that I was interested in  and wouldn’t go deep into thought with questions flying around my head like a tornado. “were going to this café called vous êtes belle, it means...” Hayley put on her best French accent which had improved from since I last saw her. “it means you are beautiful. Remember I studied French for 5 years and have a GCSE grade of A in French as well” I smiled I didn't mean to cut her off It just sort of happened, Hayley smiled and sat down at a table I looked up and realised this was the café  she was on about I joined her and we looked through the menu.   Shortly after I sat down a tall brown haired angel appeared, I mean boy not angel! “Que puis-je faire à votre disposition deux jolies dames?” I blushed he called me pretty well he said we were both pretty, I guess I better answer what I want to eat though. “I would like some chocolate cake please” I completely forgot I was in France I felt like a idiot I looked to Hayley who laughed at my stupidity. “oh thank god for that your English!” he spoke in perfect English what was going on? He invited himself to sit in between me and Hayley what was he going to do tell us his life story? “Erm hi I’m Hayley and this is Lilly” her red devilish nail pointing to me I smiled and lowered my head “so can we help you or do you need to sit down?” I asked impatiently surely he should be working. “oh no I'm fine its just I'm so happy I have found someone who speaks English. I don't really want to be here its just my mum sent me out here to help my aunt as she is ill. I'm Brody by the way so what brings you to Paris?” his voice calming and smooth it was like staring at a angel! He bought me my cake and Hayley her tea we talked for what seemed 5 minutes but took up the majority of a hour as we walked away he slipped something into my bag.   
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