Its A Summer Fling

Lilly has just Flew to Paris to visit her freind Hayley who got a summer internship at Teen Vouge. Everyday when Hayley finishes at 3'o clock they go out to the same little cafe by the cannal where Brody works but neither of them know that this one order changes everything.


5. Going Home


Dear diary, tonight I go home to London. Hayley has realised this was a great opportunity but it was going all to quickly and as for Brody well I'm going with my heart knowing he will only turn out to be a disaster he probably knows in his heart the same, yeah sure the whole Eiffel tower thing was great but looking back at it , all the feelings I had for him seemed neutral. Better get packing ill write when I get home. I went off to get all my things back in my suitcases I met up with Hayley later on and had lunch we were both ready to go, Hayley phoned up the airport to check weather their was any early flights we could get on rather than hang around France for the day, we had to be at the airport in a hour. I went back to my room Hayley went to hers we met at the airport and checked in.    We boarded the plane going home bound. We got to our seats and as I sat a white note  fell from my bag , it was the note Brody gave me the night he took me to see the Eiffel Tower. The plane was about to leave I put my seatbelt off and held Hayley's hand (it was a childhood thing) as we were in the air we released each others hand, and with that I opened my note this time it read “I love you please stay, meet me at the café again same time” once again singed by Brody. I wanted to cry but it just didn't happen instead I found my self staring at the note. Hayley took it from me to see what I was looking at, she read it and gave me a hug. “maybe you should of stayed there was obviously something there” Hayley's voice was calming but as much as what she said was irritating it was true, there was something there, something I will probably never feel again.    I fell asleep on the plane and woke to the plane landing me and Hayley once again found ourself fulfilling our childhood thing. I got off the plane and once again I checked my phone nothing... maybe it was time I text him to explain. *Brody , it was nice meeting you and we both know there was something between us to but I took a early flight home with Hayley and we have just landed in London I’m sorry I didn’t come to see you before we left but I had a feeling it would be awkward* I ended the text with my name and three kisses, I quickly double checked for spelling mistakes (standard procedure been doing it since I sent a text to Hayley asking how her pet balloon was, it was meant to say bird). We got through passport control and then went to get our luggage as we walked out the airport my phone received a text, it was Brody *Cant believe you left without saying a proper goodbye, I had another note for you text me your address I will send it through the mail* what was with all the note thing yeah it was cute but now I have pieces of white paper filling up my bag.
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