Its A Summer Fling

Lilly has just Flew to Paris to visit her freind Hayley who got a summer internship at Teen Vouge. Everyday when Hayley finishes at 3'o clock they go out to the same little cafe by the cannal where Brody works but neither of them know that this one order changes everything.


1. Getting There


Dear Diary, I have just reached Paris its 1:00pm here meaning its only 12:00pm in England my hotel is nice the walls are pink with white furniture. But I’m not here for a holiday I’m only here one a 5 day visit to see Hayley while she was at her internship and teen vogue in Paris. Hayley finishes work at 3:00 and were meeting at 3:15 giving me more than enough time to unpack and take a visit to the hotel spa. So off I go to unpack ill write later.   I left my diary locked in my suitcase just for that safe feeling and made my way towards “Le Spa” the walls still a pale pink colour I decided to get a back massage after I was done I went back to my suite and got changed into something a bit more presentable rather than my faded sweatpants and baggy top that I wore on the plane here, I must of tried on the majority of my clothes and eventually chose my Denim shorts with my red and white checked shirt but next came shoes I must of packed enough pairs of shoes for 3 weeks I had 4 pairs of converse two low-tops , two high-tops , 2 pairs of heels . oh and 3 pairs of sandals. I sat there and realised the time it was 2:55pm I had to leave now if I wanted to be there on time. I picked up my purple high-tops , tied them up and sprinted out my door. I turned a corner, and then another one then I took a left then another then a right I was there (with 3 minutes left to spare!) I got bored of standing and sat on a nearby bench I turned my head and saw a tall dark haired girl walk out of the offices dressed in a red summer time floral dress. It was her I stood up and smiled we found our self charging towards each other screaming like 3 year olds. We was in each other’s arms once again. “so how’s my favourite girl?” her voice loud as always she hasn’t changed much at all “I’m good but homes a bit lonely not having Is it wrong I switched off halfway through Hayley telling me how much this experience has helped her with work in London. You around every day!” my voice not as loud as hers. “well not long now and everything will be back to normal, anyway I’m so glad you came to visit , Teen vogue has gave me another way of looking into fashion...” Was it bad that I couldn't care less about what she was telling me, I mean this wasn't what we talk about back home in London. We talked about clothes,boys and shoes. 
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