An unforgettable Summer...

It's about this 17-year old girl, who goes on a vacation with her best friend Nancy.. But at the first day of their vacation, something amazing happens! Read the story, if you'd like to know more ;-)


3. In love<3


You woke up early this morning, which really didn’t look you. But you wanted to get something out of this vacation. You knew that this was going to be the best vacation ever! You got out of bed, and didn’t even bother to get dressed yet. You walked into the kitchen only wearing your underwear. You haven’t really used the kitchen yet, because you’d just walked downstairs when you needed anything. You looked through the kitchen but quickly decided that there wasn’t anything eatable in there. So you took a shower, got dressed, and were just about to head downstairs when someone knocked on your door. You opened it, looked up. You were looking in to a pair of perfect brown eyes. “Morning beautiful” a familiar voice said. “Good morning Liam” you said and smiled. You invited him in, and you talked for a little while, until he broke of your conversation. “So where’s Nancy?” he asked, and smiled “She’s sleeping” you responded. “So actually I came to ask you if you wanted to eat breakfast with me.” “Sure, I’d love to Liam, just a second; I just need to go find my wallet.” You quickly found your wallet, and went downstairs. You went up to the buffet, and found what you wanted, and then you sat down at a table. “So for how long are Nancy and you staying here?” Liam asked “For 2 weeks. How ‘bout you guys?” “We’re staying for two weeks as well” Liam and you smiled a big smile to each other, and then you finished up eating. You paid, and then went upstairs again. On your way upstairs to your room, you met Matty. “Hey [Y/N]” Matty said and smiled. “Hey Matty!” you said and went to give him a hug. You’d kind of missed him, but you didn’t really realize it when you were with Liam. Liam made you feel so special, something you never really had felt before, but it was a good feeling.

When you came inside Nancy and yours ‘apartment’ you saw that she was finally awake. You had left her a note that you had gone downstairs to eat breakfast with Liam, so she knew why you weren’t there. You dumped yourself on the couch and looked at her. “Morning babe. So Liam and I are going to the pool in a few minutes. You wanna come? I’m sure the boys will be there too, at Matty were on his way there when Liam and I met him there a few minutes ago” you said and looked at her, while she was making a cup of tea. “Sure, let me just get dressed…” she said and looked down “you know what… I could use a bath, how ‘bout I’ll just meet you there when I’m done up here?” You laughed a little, and got inside your room, to throw on your bikini. As soon as you were done in your room, you quickly found your sunglasses, a towel, and a magazine, and headed down to the pool! You couldn’t wait to go down there, and just have fun!

When you arrived at the pool, you didn’t see Liam anywhere. But you didn’t really mind, you knew he’d be there in a second. So you sat down on one of the chairs that were standing by the pool. You were sitting and reading in your magazine when you suddenly heard some familiar voices. Then you suddenly saw four hot guys running towards the pool. “The last one in the water, is a dead fish!” Harry yelled, and jumped in as the first. In second came Liam, then Louis and then Niall. “Hey [Y/N]” Zayn said, and made my come back to reality. “Hey Zayn, what’s up?” you said and gave him a huge smile. You’d always liked Zayn, there was just something about him, that you just could not explain. Then Nancy came out to the pool too. Nancy had never learned how to swim, and neither had Zayn, so they just sat down next to each other, and started talking. You quickly grabbed the opportunity, and jumped into the water with the rest of the boys. You fooled around, and played in the water, and just had a blast. Then Liam pulled you away from the others. “I kinda wanna show you something later. Meet me right here, 8 pm. Okay babe?” he said and looked right into your eyes, which made you shiver all over your body. God those eyes! You nodded and smiled back at him. Then he turned around, and made a sign to you, to jump on his back. You did, and he swam you back you the others. It was the first time ever that you’d been this close to him, and you could feel your whole body shake. You just prayed that he wouldn’t notice. And he didn’t.

About 6pm. You all decided to head down to the restaurant to get some dinner. And once again the fight had begun. They boys wouldn’t let Nancy and you pay for yourselves, even though you insisted. Then the two of you finally gave in, and all of the boys smiled a confident smile, they had won the fight. You sat down next to Liam, and smiled. He moved closer, and placed lips right next to your ear. “Don’t forget our plans tonight, babe.” He took a deep breath. “You look gorgeous by the way” he finished and moved his head. You looked at your watch, half an hour left. You looked back again, and started talking. Then Liam suddenly cuddled your shoulders and got up. “Excuse us, but we have to go. We’ll be back later” Liam said, and you looked weirdly at him. Then he pulled out your chair, and you got up too. Then you looked at Nancy, who looked just as confused as you. Then he took your hand, and dragged you with him. You had nearly walked out of the restaurant. He placed you up against the wall, and placed himself a few inches away from you “Sorry I just drag you with me like that, but I had to be alone with you for just a second.” He said and smiled one of those REALLY sexy smiles. Then he took your hand again, and you walked out to the pool - or almost. You were a few meters away from the pool, when Liam suddenly stopped. “Love?” he said, and you looked at him, he had never called you that before. “Yeah?” you responded and looked like a question mark. Then he looked down on his feet and slowly looked up on you again “Do you trust me?” “Of course I do Liam!” you said and started to wonder even more. Then he turned you around, and put his hands in front of your eyes, and slowly led you into the pool area. “Are you ready beautiful?” he whispered into your ear, you nodded, and then he slowly moved his hands. It was beautiful! There were candles everywhere! And champagne, and the pool, were all covered in leafs from a billion red roses, or so it looked like! “WOW!” you whispered, you didn’t know what to say or do. Then he took your hand again, and dragged you with him into the pool (You were still wearing your bathing suits). Then he pulled you close to him, and wrapped his arms around you. “[Y/N] I know we’ve only known each other for like a day or so, but there’s just something about you, that make me go head over heels! I just want you by my side all the time, and I just can’t seem to get you out of my mind. I guess what I’m trying to say is… Please be mine?” he finally said, and looked seriously, but at the same time romantically into your eyes.  You could feel the tears streaming towards your eyes. You just couldn’t believe that he felt the same way about you too! 

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