An unforgettable Summer...

It's about this 17-year old girl, who goes on a vacation with her best friend Nancy.. But at the first day of their vacation, something amazing happens! Read the story, if you'd like to know more ;-)


2. First day of the best summer EVER! <3


You and Nancy were now sitting on the plane, right next to Matty, talking and having fun. A few hours later, you landed and you were now officially on vacation! You checked in at the hotel, went to your room, and quickly unpacked. Then you decided to go check out the pool. Nancy and you threw on your sexiest bikinis, and ran down to the pool. You had been lying by the pool, sunbathing for a while, when you saw this gorgeous guy! He was walking around with a few other really good looking guys too. “Pssst.. Nancy!” you whispered and pushed her a little with your elbow. “Five good-looking guys, 12 o’clock!” you finished the sentence, still whispering. You secretly follow them with your eyes for a while, when they decided to sit down, in some of the chairs right next to you. You were one of these girls who never really dated, and never had had a boyfriend, because you were afraid of rejection. But this boy seemed different. You turned around, so that you could get some sun on your back, and read a magazine, and then you saw him. He was in the magazine. You knew somewhere that you’d seen him before, but had no clue where. But here was the answer. That gorgeous guy that you’d just seen was Liam Payne. The Liam Payne, from One Direction. You had heard a lot their music, and actually liked it very much, but had never bothered to find out, what they looked like. But now you knew. You put the magazine away, and laid your head on your hands. Then you closed your eyes.

“Hey, hellooooo. Wake up, beautiful” you heard a voice say, and slowly opened your eyes. You must have fallen asleep. You sat up, and suddenly looked into these beautiful brown eyes. It was suddenly all dark around you, except for the small lanterns that were all around the pool. “Ohh, hi!” you said and got up. You sat down on a chair by the pool, and so did he. “My name’s Liam. And sorry I woke you up, by the way. But I didn’t want you to get cold or anything.” He said and smiled. He looked deeply into your eyes, and you couldn’t help smiling too. Wow this boy was perfect! “I know who you are” you said and smiled “My name’s [Y/N], and thanks for waking me up. I can’t believe my friend didn’t wake me up, and I can’t believe that she just left without me” “She wanted to, but I told her to let you sleep, and said that I’d wake you up later. She’s out eating with the rest of the boys.” Liam said and looked down. He looked like he was blushing – cute! “So… How about some dinner? I’ll buy, come on!” he said and got up. “Okay, but I have to go change first” you said, and looked at him, he nodded at followed you to your and Nancys room. You invited him in, and went out to the bathroom.  You quickly changed in to a cute summer dress, then put on a little mascara, and a light pink lip-gloss, and went out in the living room to see if he’d approve. “You’re ready?” You said and smiled when you saw Liams reaction, “Yeah! Wow, you look amazing” he said, and went to open the door for you. You got downstairs, and got into the restaurant. “A table for two” Liam said, and the waiter showed you a table. Liam pulled out the chair you, and you sat down. Then he sat down. The waiter gave the two of you a menu card, and you started to look through it. You ordered, and then gave the menu card back. Then you looked at Liam, who was also looking at you. “So, why are you doing all of this?” you said and smiled. “Because I want to” Liam said, and once again revealed a perfect smile. The two of you sat and talked for ages, when you finally decided to continue the talk at your room. You walked up to your room, and got in. Inside were the rest of One Direction and Nancy. “Excuse me, just a second” you whispered to Liam, and winked. You stormed into the room, and started yelling “NANCY LOUISE FLETCHER… HOW DARE YOU JUST LEAVE ME WITH SOME RANDOM GUY OUT BY THE POOL!?!?!” you looked angrily at Nancy, then you both started laughing. “Look who’s finally awake! Do you really want me to start calling you the sleeping princess again?!” she said and laughed again. Then you looked at the rest of the boys who were looking strangely at you and Nancy. “Hi guys. My name’s [Y/N]” you smiled. They all presented themselves and you and Liam sat down, to join their conversation. You were all sitting up all night talking, and getting to know each other. 

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