What Happens in London

When Ally and her best friend Mackenzie go to London to visit Ally's dad in London they never expected to meet 5 wonderful boys. But what happens when both girls fall for the same guy? 


3. Star struck

"Hi you must be Mr. Rush's daughter my name is Niall ! I'm Harry's friend. The rest of the boys are down stairs.

*Ally's P.O.V.*

Niall is so hot ! I'm speechless. And I think he noticed cause I just stood there while Mackenzie and Niall started to walk downthe hall. If this Harry kid and his other friends are hot like Niall I might just die! I don't understand how Mackenzie is acting so normal and cool ! We started to walk down the stairs and I could hear laughing and screaming coming from downstairs it was the boys which made me even more nervous..

" Hey guys this is Mr. Rush's daughter and her friend"
" Niall when did they get here?" this kid hot with black hair said
"Just now, I was on my way to get some food when I heard the doorbell ring and yeah"
"what are your names?" a really hot kid said his brown curly hair
" I'm Ally Mr. Rush's daughter and this is my best friend Mackenzie."

*Ally's P.O.V.*

These boys are so HOT ! Naill is so sweat and he's just adorable ! They all introduced themselves and they all have cute names! I just can't take it!
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