What Happens in London

When Ally and her best friend Mackenzie go to London to visit Ally's dad in London they never expected to meet 5 wonderful boys. But what happens when both girls fall for the same guy? 


4. OMG

*Zayn's P.O.V.*

Wow Ally and Mackenzie are really pretty! Mackenzie isn't as shy as Ally. Mackenzie is fitting right in with ever one.

"Hey Ally whats up?"
"Oh hey Zayn um nothing really.."
"What's the matter, why are by yourself?"
"I don't know I'm kinda shy"
"Oh well come on everyone is gonna go upstairs"
"I'll be up in a minute I gotta call someone"
*Ally's P.O.V.*

Zayn is so sweet and HOT! But there is something about these boys they seem kinda familiar. I cant put my finger on it. They remind me of a singing group but I can't remember which one. My little sister might know.

*Phone call*
"Hey Anna I have a question for you"
"Ok whats up?"
"What are those boys names from the band 2direction?"
"It's One Direction and Louis, Harry,Niall, Zayn, and of course Liam Payne!"
"Is Harry's last name Styles?"
"Yeah how'd you know"
"Cause I'm at his house! His dad is our Dad's friend!"
"I hate yousomuch right now!"
"Anna I'll call you later gotta go"
**end of call**

It all makes sense now British, one Irish, HOT, great singers, HOT! I can't wait to tell Mackenzie!! She is gonna flip!
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