What Happens in London

When Ally and her best friend Mackenzie go to London to visit Ally's dad in London they never expected to meet 5 wonderful boys. But what happens when both girls fall for the same guy? 


2. Blue eyes

*Mackenzie P.O.V.*
So far London is fun. Me and Ally woke up early and walked around and it's beautiful! And later today Mr. Rush is going to take us to meet his friend and his family. I'm so excited ! Ally has been getting ready for an hour so when she done hopefully we will leave!

"Ally hurry up ! I wanna leave !"
"I'm almost ready 5 minutes" she said that 5 minutes ok.

*Harry's P.O.V.*
So today Im gonna meet my dads friend's daughter and her friend. My mates from the band are coming over today to. The two girls are staying the whole summer so while we are on break we are gonna show them around London. Hopefully they are nice.

*Ally's P.O.V.*
We are pulling into the Styles house I'm not gonna lie I'm kinda nervouse. I'm not as social as Mackenzie. That girl isn't shy at all!

My dad told me and Mackenzie to go to the door because he had to call someone.

"you know we can always wait for my dad we don't have to go in yet.."
"oh Ally stop worrying! You'll be find!"

So I knocked on the door and a boy with these beautiful blue eyes opened the door.
"Hi you must be Mr. Rush's daughter my name is --"
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