What Happens in London

When Ally and her best friend Mackenzie go to London to visit Ally's dad in London they never expected to meet 5 wonderful boys. But what happens when both girls fall for the same guy? 


1. Only the beginning

*Ally's P.O.V.*

I'm so excited to be visiting my dad! I haven't seen him in 8 year. Because he lives in London and my parents are divorced. I'm even happier because I'm bringing my best friend in the whole entire world Mackenzie! We've been friends since preschool anyways our flight is tomorrow and I can't wait! I've been waiting to see him for 3 months now!

**the next morning**

"Ally and Mackenzie hurry up you guys are gonna miss your flight !" I heard my mom screaming from downstairs.

"I can't believe we are going to London for the summer!" Mackenzie said excitedly
"I know I'm so excited!"

Me and Mackenzie slept the whole flight they're. When I saw my dad it was like nothing had ever changed since the last time I saw him. I was 13 now I'm 18.

When we got to my dads house Mackenzie and I went straight to sleep because my dad said we were gonna meet his friend tomorrow. And that his friend has a song me and Mackenzie age! So hopefully he's cute.

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