18 year old abbey has had a dream to be
A singer forever her dream is finally coming true
Whene she gets a record deal she has to leve
Friends and famely to go to London
Will her dream come true or will she fail


5. Help

All the singers were very good finely it was
Are turn to sing we took are place on stage
simon asked what are named were in abbey
And this is Darcy what are you going to
Sing for us titaneam I answerd the music began
Play I could see harrey staring at me along whith
Every one else I begin to sing whene u was done
There was compleat silence then came an eruption
Of aplows from the crowd Simon was standing and
So was 1D they were all aplowding for me
I think we found are winer abbey pleas step
Forward what about Darcy I'm sorry Darcy
Your singing was okey but abbeys was great
i under stand Darcy left a tear streaming down
Her face congrats abbey you' won thank you after
I was done talking to Simon I went to Darcy Simon
Says that I leve for London tomrow abbey Darcy Sade
Good Luck thanks Darcy desided to go home I told
Her I was going to shop whene I started to walk home
Then a black adi pulled want a ride love it was
Harrey sher harrey got out to help me whith my
Bags thanks no problem whene we got to my
House Harry helped me whith my bags then asked
For my number

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