18 year old abbey has had a dream to be
A singer forever her dream is finally coming true
Whene she gets a record deal she has to leve
Friends and famely to go to London
Will her dream come true or will she fail


1. Nightmare

Lights shine on my face everything before me
Becomes a blur I hear a sweet melody playing
Then I see a crowd shouting my name I start
To sing the next thing happens so fast
The crowd I screaming in rage you will never
Make it give up the crowd becomes uncontrolabel
Pushing past suercurity and throwing things
I felt a sharp pain in my head I know something
Is rong whene blood blurs my eyes every thing
Grows still then I black out I wake up drenched
In sweet I heed to the bathroom to shower
My outfit already layed out its a lace up pink
Shirt and a pair of blue shorts I dress and
Head down the stairs to find a note on the
Dear abbey
Had to go to work will be
Home late dinner in the oven
Love mom
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