Alice in Wonderland

Alice Jones was your typical girl but one day when she was with her closest friend, Maxine Anderson, they both ended up meeting One Direction. Soon Alice and Maxine grow a strong bond with One Direction and Alice grow a intense relationship with one of the band members. Maxine also forms a relationship with one of the band members. By the way this is rated R so yeahh..... Another note is that if my grammar is getting lazy then yeah, sorry. ;)


2. The Dance Performance

As we headed to the car I realized "Where's Niall, Louis, Liam, Dani, and El?" I asked Harry. "Louis and El is going on a date, so is Dani and Liam. And Niall wanted to eat." He replied. Quickly we got into our car and I drived. "So Alice, what type of genre of dance do you dance to?" he said wondering if that made sense. I giggled, "I dance to Hip Hop and Ballet." I said. Harry nodded his head seeming he understood. "What about you Maxine?" Zayn asked. "Oh, well I dance Jazz and Hip Hop." she replied. The radio was on and then One Thing came on. I groaned and tried to change the station but Maxine refused. I noticed Harry and Zayn winked at each other.

"What's wrong?" Harry said. "Do you like the song?" he asked me. " It's okay but it's everywhere!" I said, "Maxine likes it though, she only likes this song though. She's not like those crazy fans." I said. "Dedicated, thats the word" Zayn told me. I smirked.

We soon arrived at the appartment Maxine and I was living in. We rushed up the stairs and was soon in our room. I told Maxine that Zayn could go to her room and Harry could go in mine. So I grabbed Harry's wrist and dragged him to my room, "I'm gonna take a shower so just wait here and make yourself comfortable, you could even sleep."

Harry's POV

I lied down on the bed simply resting. But soon I heard someone singing. It sounded really nice and smooth. "Is that Alice?" I thought. I quietly walked over to the door and leaned my ear against it. I heard Alice singing The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga. I heard the water stopped running and I quietly ran back acting like nothing happened. She came in the room wearing baggy sweatpants and a yellow tanktop that slightly showed her stomach. I watched as she dried her hair and put on her makeup. " Harry!" she said yelling across the room "Yeah?" I said yelling back. "What time is it?" she asked. "3:30." I said back. "Shit," she mumbled as she came running through the door.

Around 3:45 we left the house and arrived at 3:55, barely making it.
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