Alice in Wonderland

Alice Jones was your typical girl but one day when she was with her closest friend, Maxine Anderson, they both ended up meeting One Direction. Soon Alice and Maxine grow a strong bond with One Direction and Alice grow a intense relationship with one of the band members. Maxine also forms a relationship with one of the band members. By the way this is rated R so yeahh..... Another note is that if my grammar is getting lazy then yeah, sorry. ;)


1. McDonalds

"Just fries right?" I asked. "Yeah and a diet coke." she replied"Kay." I said and stood in line patiently.

To kill time I listened to the music on my ipod, Everything by Michael Buble started playing. The line moved up but I was too distracted on my ipod and bumped into the person in front of me. I looked up in his face. He was guy who had blonde hair and blue eyes. 

"Sorry." I said. "That's alright." he said back. I smiled as I noticed he was Irish. Soon I went back to my ipod and he noticed what song I was listening to.

"You like Michael Buble too?" he said. "Huh? Oh, yeah, I love his voice." I replied. "I know right. What's your name?" he asked as sweetly as he possibly could. "Alice Jones."I said while ordering my food. "What a lovely name. Would you mind if you sit with me and my friends?" he asked. I picked up my tray of food. "Well I'd love to but I brought a friend with me, so I'll tell her and meet you there."I said. "What if she says no?" He asked. I giggled, "Then I'll drag her." I said. He laughed "Okay see you then."

I ran over to Maxine and dropped the tray on the table. "Hey Maxine, I met this really cool and sorta cute guy when I was ordering our food and he asked me if we wanted to eat with his friends, so lets go." I said. "How much food do they have?" She asked. "I don't know, a lot." I estimated. "Okay cool." She said.

We spotted them and the guy I saw before smiled. I noticed there was about four guys and two girls with him. He stood up, "Hello Alice." He said kindly. "Hello uhh... Sorry what's your name I didn't ask you yet." I said and slightly blushed. He giggled, "The name's Niall, Niall Horan." He said powerfully. I laughed at his confidence. "And you are" He said talking to Maxine. "I'm Maxine. Sorry but I'm really hungry so..." She asked. "You're right lets eat, shall we?" He said eagerly. 

Maxine sat next to Niall and I sat next to one of his friends who had sparking green eyes and curly hair. My eyes widen as I saw Maxine gobble down fries, chicken nuggets, and hamburgers. We suffered in silence for a moment and it was really awkward. 

So Niall,  aren't you gonna introduce us to your friends?" I said to break the awkwardness. "Oh right sorry I forgot, the guy in the striped T-shirt is Louis." He said. "Hello." He said while smiling. "The girl next to him is Eleanor, his girlfriend." He said. "Hey girls, you can call me El." She said kindly. "The girl with the lacy T-shirt is Danielle and the guy next to her is her boyfriend Liam." he said. "Hello" they said together. "You can call me Dani." Danielle said smiling. "The guy with the spiky hairdo is Zayn" he said. "Hello" Zayn said with a grin. "And lastly the person sitting next to Alice is Harry." he said. "Hello girls." Harry said with a cheeky smile.

We ate our food and chatted for a while. I got so distracted that I didn't realize what time it was. "Maxine," I said while looking at my watch. "Yeah?" she said back. "What time did we come here?" I asked. "About 10:00, why?" she said. "It's already 2:00." I said. Maxine widened her eyes and took out her phone. She read a reminder that said "Note to self: Dance Performance- 4:00P.M." she gasped. Finally Harry, who was right next to me, noticed my expression. "You alright?" he asked with concern. "Sorry but I really need to go." I said rushing. "Why?" he said. "I have a dance performance." I said. "Oh," he said sadly. " Can we come?" he asked hopefully. "Ummm, sure." I replied. "But we have to hurry up I'm sorta late." I said. We soon rushed out of McDonalds.

Author's Note: Sorry for the really long chapter. :)

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