Alice in Wonderland

Alice Jones was your typical girl but one day when she was with her closest friend, Maxine Anderson, they both ended up meeting One Direction. Soon Alice and Maxine grow a strong bond with One Direction and Alice grow a intense relationship with one of the band members. Maxine also forms a relationship with one of the band members. By the way this is rated R so yeahh..... Another note is that if my grammar is getting lazy then yeah, sorry. ;)


4. Just Dreaming...

Harry's POV

After I was eating a small snack I realized Alice was taking a shower. I thought it would be pretty funny if I dress her the way I want her to be dressed. So, I looked around the room to see if there was any sexy clothing or a lingerie but I saw nothing. I then dug into her closet and saw a sexy lingerie but it was only a top. I thought what could her pants be... A THONG! "Perfect" I mumbled softly enough for Alice not to hear. I quickly rummaged through her dresser looking for a thong, finally I found a thong in the very edge of her dresser. I tip-toed over the shower door and luckily the shower door was open. I crept over in the door, entered the room, and switched the clothing I wanted. I really wanted to laugh out loud but I kept it in. I closed the door behind me. There was 3 rooms in Alice and Maxine's apartment: Maxine, the one Maxine and Zayn was staying in, Alice, and the guest room. I couldn't go to Maxine's room cuz Zayn was there, and I couldn't unlock Alice's room because she could simply change her clothes, so I locked Alice's room and Maxine's room (just in case Alice and My hormones take over, and "get lucky") and hid Alice's old pajamas in her bedroom which was locked. I unlocked the guest room and took off my shirt and showed the hem of my Calvin Klein boxers. I waited for a long time expecting Alice to run in the room speechless and angry with the sexy clothes I have given her or better, naked. I was getting a little tired so I was about to go to sleep, I stripped down until I was completely naked. I crawled in the covers and as soon as I was going to close my eyes to rest I heard, "HARRY SHITTING  STYLES!!!!!" I opened my eyes with a smile on my face. "WHERE ARE MY FUCKING ASS CLOTHES!!!!"  Alice said creeping over the door, with only her face meaning she was afraid of me seeing her body. My hormones kicked in and a boner grew. "Why don't you climb in bed with me? You look so stressed." I said taunting her a bit. " If I climb in bed with you, would you give me back my clothes?" She questioned me. "Of course!" I lied. She walked in the room completely naked and climbed in bed with me. I had a huge grin on my face. She looked at me, "What is your problem?" "Oh nothing, nothing at all.." I said looking at her body. She looked absolutely amazing, a face with acne-free skin, a light skin color, grey eyes and light brown hair that she used to somewhat cover her nipples. "That's not working." I said removing her and staring at her breasts. Her breasts were sexy, I'd say the size is a C cup. She looked fabulous not skinny but not fat just the right size. "Well we are both naked, wanna do something fun?" I said. "Cut the crap Harry. You want to have sex with me huh?" Alice said confidently. "How did you know?" I said cheekily. "So go." she said. "So, should I jus-" I got interrupted by how kissing passionately at me in my neck. I was shocked but soon I was engaged by it and started to stretch two fingers inside of her. She moaned and I groaned. We did the finger thing for about 30 minutes but I didn't thrust in her only with my fingers. We lay on the bed practically past out. 

I blinked my eyes and noticed it was a dream and I was pretty disappointed. Although I did see something interesting...

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