Alice in Wonderland

Alice Jones was your typical girl but one day when she was with her closest friend, Maxine Anderson, they both ended up meeting One Direction. Soon Alice and Maxine grow a strong bond with One Direction and Alice grow a intense relationship with one of the band members. Maxine also forms a relationship with one of the band members. By the way this is rated R so yeahh..... Another note is that if my grammar is getting lazy then yeah, sorry. ;)


3. Afterwards

Harry's POV

After the concert I congratulated Alice and Maxine. Unfortunately as I was congratulating them, I heard small screams and noticed girls slowly circling around me with huge smiles. My eyes widened and without saying anything I grabbed Alice's wrist which also signaled Zayn. So Zayn grabbed Maxine's wrist and simply ran. But of course the girls ran after us so we tried to run faster.

"Why are we running!?" Alice asked and yelling because the girls running was also screaming. "I'll tell you in the car!" I yelled back. After 15 minutes, we finally got in the car and drove. "What the fuck was that?!" Alice and Maxine yelled. "Oh it's nothing just screaming girls because... yeah..." He said as if he was hiding something. "Zayn, I think we should tell them." I said. I took a deep breathe, "Me and Zayn is 2/5 of One Direction!"

Alice's POV

Me and Maxine gasped. I first looked at him like he was joking but he promised he was telling the truth and for some reason I trusted him. We soon arrived home back to the apartments. By the overwhelmed news I thought, " Lets have a drink". Soon me and Maxine's appartment was filled with laughter. It was already 12:00 A.M. So I decided to go to sleep. Harry and Zayn was gonna spend the night because they were drunk and it was already late. 

"1:30," I read the clock and groaned. Harry noticed me groan and smiled. "What's the matter kitty?" he said. I laughed, "Nothing, its just so boring." I said. "I know a way to have loads of fun," he said with a huge cheeky smile. I knew what he meant, he wanted to have sex. I played along, "Really?" I said with a smirk. "Indeed, but I never tried this game in a while, so if we play this 'game' I might be really bad at it." he said. "Well how do you play?" I said, adding a bit cute and sexiness into the sentence. He had a huge smile, " You know how," he said. Before I could say anything else Harry was kissing my neck. I was absolutely speechless and then smiled. "Fine, two could play at this game," I thought. I let out a small whimper that made him stop kissing my neck and he soon started kissing my lips. I kissed him back. 

"Why not," I thought. Due to my thoughts, I began to take my shirt off. Harry saw me and took his shirt off as well. He unhooked my bra while I started to take off his pants. He wiggled out of it while he forced my skirt and undies to go down. I gasped breathing for air. I started to lightly scratch Harry's back. He groaned, I stopped kissing him. "Why am I totally naked and you still have your boxers on?" I said while intensely breathing. "Your right that seems unfair." He said. He then pulled down his boxers and kicked them off the bed. "Happy?" he said. "Very," I replied with a smirk. He began to kiss me while massaging my breasts roughly. I licked my lips signaling to Harry. He then smiled, I began to kiss him slipping my tongue inside his mouth. I slid my hand down his perfectly toned abs.

"Wanna start playing the real game?" he said growling in my ear. "God yes," I said purring back to him. He then smirked and began thrusting against me. I whimpered, "Oh god Harry," I told him. "Your sexy for a reason," he said. I said his name whenever I liked what he did which was frequently. "Fuck Harry, shit..." I then woke up gasping for air. I looked to what I was wearing. A regular tanktop with short-shorts. I sighed in relieve that I wasn't naked. I looked over to what Harry was wearing, absolutely nothing. I gasped, "Harry!" I whispered. His eyes opened and smiled noticing I woke him. "Yeah," he said acting like nothing was wrong. I pulled my eyebrows together in confusion, "You're naked!" I said speaking my regular tone. He looked down, "Oh yeah, didn't I tell you? I always sleep naked." he said. "Whatever," I said. But surprisingly Harry had a similar dream.

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