Your Eyes

Annabelle (Anna) is your average 18 year old girl.
She has been in love with music ever since she was 2.
Lately she has been into one direction and is constantly
listening to them on her headphones. One day she is at
the mall with her headphones on and bumps straight into
Harry Styles.It's love at first site for the two.
Read as they grow in their relationship with a few bumps
along the way.


1. Introduction

"BEEP,BEEP,BE-" I smacked the top of my VERY annoying alarm clock and sat up groggily. Suddenly my phone vibrated on my bed side table. 

J: Wanna go to the mall today? I've been in lack of shopping for too long! :O :)xx

A: Of course girly face! I'll pick you up at around 11? ;)xx

J: Perfecto! xx

I hopped out of bed and skipped to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Once I got out I smelt of lilacs and strawberries.I stood in front of my closet trying to figure out what to wear.I decided on a pair of white skinny jeans, a grey tank top, a blue crop top. blue flats and my brown shoulder bag. I brushed through my hair and let it fall into it's natural waves. I quickly applied some foundation, lip gloss and a tad of mascara to make my blue eyes pop. This is why I loved mascara. once I was happy with my appearance I ran out the door to go pick up Jenny. Jenny is my best friend. She has black curly hair and big brown eyes that I've always found quite pretty. As I was arriving at her flat, she ran out screaming "BOOGLIE POO!! Let's go get our shop on guuuuuuurrrrrllll!!!!!!" Did I mention she was energetic? "Alright crazy face let's get going!" and with that we hopped in my car and drove off to our favorite place in the whole world.


A/N Sorry its so short the next chapter will be longer. 

Bye my lovelies! -Hannah  

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