Your Eyes

Annabelle (Anna) is your average 18 year old girl.
She has been in love with music ever since she was 2.
Lately she has been into one direction and is constantly
listening to them on her headphones. One day she is at
the mall with her headphones on and bumps straight into
Harry Styles.It's love at first site for the two.
Read as they grow in their relationship with a few bumps
along the way.


2. Green eyes

                                                            Annabelle's POV

By now me and Jenny had at least 2 bags each and we decided to stop for some Starbucks. "Two Mocha Frappuccino's please."

"So school ends in a week, we will finally be out of the devil pit!!" Jenny says a little too loudly, earning us some strange looks.

" I cannot wait to get away from all of those sick children."I whispered the last part like an evil witch lady.

" You do know that some of them were the same age as you, maybe even a bit older."


We laugh like the weirdos we are until Jenny's phone rang. "Hellooooo,... What! No I don't want to......Really? .... Ugh fine." Was the conversation I heard. 

"Hey I gotta go to my parents house and babysit my little brother, my mom is gonna pay me so.. you know. Hate to ditch, but I'll text you OK?" Jenny said in a blur.

"K, see ya!"

I decided to stay at the mall after Jenny left. I grabbed my head phones out of my bag considering I'm practically addicted to music. Ever since I was about 2 music has been a big part of my life.

Recently I've been listening to a boy band called...One.. Direction? I think that's they're name.The weird thing is, I've never actually looked at any of their faces,and I don't really care. I just like they're music. 

I was in the middle of the mall, thinking if I should head home or not when


My drink spilled all over my top as my bum hit the ground.

 "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry love! I didn't see yo-" Once he helped me up, he stopped talking.

I looked up to a pair of piercing emerald green eyes.


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