The Hidden Voice(Liam Payne Love Story)

Liam Payne lives a normal life in high school. He runs the school being the most popular of course. Ditching class one day changes his life completely. Over hearing  her voice made him melt, he instantly fell in love, and made chills dig through his spine. He was determined to find that voice one way or another. What happens when he does find the mystery girl with the hidden voice?  


1. Chapter 1

I stood there dreading to walk through the gates of hell, also known as High School. Hesitating before pushing the tall black gates, walking down the stone path and up to the doors. Pushing it gently scared of what was behind it I entered a psychotic hallway filled with morons. Or in this case students. 
Yep, that's my name and has been for three years now. I was known as the 'nerdy freak who never speaks,' and it's true, I dont speak much but there's always a reason for everything. 
You know that phrase, 'don't judge a book by it's cover.' Well, that doesn't imply here, If you were ugly, or dumb, or not 'normal' you were judged, if nobody liked you , you were judged. Nobody knows a single thing about you, yet they think they do just by your appearance. 
I glanced down at my watch reading 8:28 am. Meaning I had two minutes to get to class. I maneuvered through the crowds of people looking down like the smart person I am. Suddenly, my books found the floor as well as some jock. 
"Watch where you're going geek!" 
I sighed rolling my eyes as I collected my books off of the marble floor and placing them back in their original spots; My arms. 
I marched off towards my first class; Maths. Entering the classroom everyone's heads snapped in my direction, all eyes staring directly at me. 
"Lydia Coleman." My teacher scowled. That's my name. Not used much though. I was known as freak, dork, geek, nerd, bitch and I could go on. 
"Mrs. Montgomery." I mimicked her tone of voice. 
"You're late." She stated.
"Sorry, I uh- got held back." I lied. I was not going to tell her the truth, and if I did why would she care? No one cares about me not even my parents, or should I say parent. My mom passed away from cancer two years ago leaving my father and I. But, ever since she died my dad became depressed, started drinking, doing illegal drugs, and taking out his anger and depression on me. Yep, my father abuses me. Physically and verbally. He would smack me and tell me I'm worthless or punch me and tell me I was a mistake. That's why I dont speak as much as I used to; I'm scared. I used to be this happy go lucky girl with an amazing life two years ago, than all of a sudden my world comes crashing down. I never understood why though. Like why me? I know that sounds selfish but slip into my shoes. Live my life for one day and I guarantee you will be saying the exact same thing. 
I never do much but that's by choice. I had no friends. I was stabbed in the back by my ex best friend that I had for my whole life. I told her what my father did to me and she now looks at me like I'm a piece of trash on the street. Best friends stick together through thick and thin, eh? Psht, yeah, not in my world. She is just like the rest now; stuck up and judgemental. BUt, she taught me a good lesson. You never know who your real friends are. 
"Lydia!" The teacher shouted as she smacked a metre stick across the edge of my desk making me snap out of my thoughts. 
"Sorry. Uh, what?" I asked running a hand through my mousy brown locks. 
"Answer my question." She gave me the look. The one when the teacher knows you aren't paying attention. I scanned the chalkboard reading in white writing an equation. 
Proving her wrong I answered the question confidently. She scoffed and walked back towards the chalk board as I smirked. 

Looking left and right before I walked in making sure the coast was clear. Scanning the mutliple rows of chairs and a massive stage in the back. A maroon coloured piano sat there untouched. The bright lights beaming down on the center of the stage. Cautiously walking up through the isles and up the steps to the stage I walked towards the piano. Placing my bag on the side and sliding across the bench. Feeling the touch of the keys made a small smile curl onto my lips. Looking around once more I started pushing the keys letting the sound fill the air. I played a few more notes before I started singing;
Its been the longest winter without you
Didn't know where to turn to
See somehow I cant forget you
After all that we've been through
Going,  coming
Thought I heard a knock
Whos there? No one
Thinkin that I deserved it 
Now I realize that I really do know.. 
Letting my voice take me to a whole new world. 
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