A young American tennis player senses someone watching her while she practices, but when her stalker is revealed as singing sensation, Harry Styles, she finds herself falling for him-hard. Her life may never return to the way it was.


15. Walk Away

"Nice serve!" Harry called across the court as I slammed one of my unreturnable serves to the far side at him.  Or rather...away from him.  I was winning, by quite a bit actually.  Each round in tennis goes to forty, then the whole game point thing.  Once you win eight of those you win that set. Once you win two out of three sets, you win the match.  We were in our second set, I had won the first, and if I served this right (I did) I would only be three games away from victory.  Four games after that (he won one of them) we were sitting on the bench drinking thirstily from our water bottles.  I had won the first set 8-2 and the second set 8-3.  He was good, but I practice every day.  As we sat there in the early morning we began a conversation.  We began talking about tennis, but then covered every topic from my job acceptance (major celebratory moment!) to the solar system back to my hometown.  Then he asked about my parents.  I just sat there quietly, thinking of what I could say.  What was there to say?  He quickly took back his question, "You don't have to answer if you don't want to."

"But I do want to.  I need to talk about it with someone.  I feel I can trust you.  You've never done anything to make me think otherwise." I responded assuringly.  But when I looked at him his eyes started to dart around in every direction except mine.  I could read him like a book right now, and his body language was spewing hints of guily all over.  But guilty of what?  We had just been talking about trust...

Then I remembered.  I remembered how I had recieved a text from an unknown number.  How that text said it was from Harry and invited me to play tennis with him like I was a few discussion topics ago.  How I made sure that if someone had my phone number I had theirs in my phonebook.  But I didn't have his...

"Wait, how did you get my phone number?" I asked.  "Where did it come from?"  I started screaming at him in fury, and he tried to respond but there was only one thing I could do.  I simply had to walk away.

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