A young American tennis player senses someone watching her while she practices, but when her stalker is revealed as singing sensation, Harry Styles, she finds herself falling for him-hard. Her life may never return to the way it was.


24. Make Her Mine


I walked out of the bedroom and saw all of the guys sitting 'casually' in the living room.  They were discussing the weather, while Louis and Niall sat cross legged on the floor with their hands folded in their laps, Zayn sitting straight up on the couch and at attention, and Liam (the only one who actually looked casual) looking at his phone.  They looked slightly...out of breath.  As if they had just been running.  Away from a door.  That they weren't supposed to be by.  So they ran as soon as they heard the person on the other side walk towards the door to leave.  They had obviously been listening to me.  So now they know everything.  Well, almost everything...

"So how much did you hear?" I asked, skipping the accusations and confronting them directly.  I was met with denial from all of them.  At the same time.  Saying the same thing.  They soon realized it was no use and confessed to listening, but still didn't answer my question.

"But what did you hear?" I repeated.  This time, there was no way out.

"Well," Niall began, with a slight smile, "You seemed to care about her a lot."

Zayn nodded, but added, "You seemed a bit desperate to be honest."

I blushed a bit. Was it really that obvious?  "Well, I guess I kind of was.  I feel like she is...well...she seems to be quite nice, and...well...I just think that she might be someone important.  I don't totally know what I feel about her now, but I don't want to mess up my chances." I stumbled over some of my words as I spoke. They started to laugh again.  They knew that I was cared about the possibiblity of this relationship.

Liam finally spoke up.  "Will we ever get to meet her?:

I shrugged my shoulders.  Would they?  Would she ever be interested in meeting my friends?  And maybe some day, my family?  Would our relationship ever reach that point?  We weren't even officially dating.

Louis was interested in more factual questions.  "So where did you take her for your date?"

"Olive Garden." I responded immediately.

He suddenly looked confused, "How did you manage to go out with a girl without pictures of the two of you ending up online? Did you wear a disguise?"

"No.  I'm as surprised as you are, but miracles happen." I responded.  The fact that he had the same question I had was...intruiging,  And it made suspicions crawl back into my mind.  But now was my chance to get their oppinion on what Erin was thinking.  So I decided to just be upfront about it.

"So I need your advice on something.  Did I do something wrong on our date?  So last night, I went to her place, and we walked out together, but I wasn't sure whether or not I should hold her hand, since it was our first date.  So I chose not to.  It seems like every conversation we have starts out with talking about tennis, and I'm not sure;;;do you think that makes me seem boring?  And also, at the end of the night, I dropped her off and walked to her front door with her and everything, and we had a very nice I grabbed her hand and squeezed it lightly before saying goodnight and walking back to my car.  The main question I have is, do you think she may get the wrong idea because I didn't kiss her?

After I finished speaking, I saw everybody else looking overwhelmed with this intake of information.  I had just dumped kind of a lot of information on them.  They finally comprehended it all and responded.  They all agreed.  I had missed the perfect chance to prove that I was serious about her, and to kiss her.  I had missed the best chance I would ever have to ask her to be my girl friend-to make her mine.

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