A young American tennis player senses someone watching her while she practices, but when her stalker is revealed as singing sensation, Harry Styles, she finds herself falling for him-hard. Her life may never return to the way it was.


17. It's Love


I had sat there, watching her walk away, and knowing there was nothing I could do about.  I had just sat.  What could I have done?  I could have chased after her.  I could have followed her until she finally listened to me.  I could have convinced her to give me a chance.  Not only could I, but I should have.  I know what I had wanted to do.  When she was going on about 'where had I gotten her phone number' I wished I had come clean.  I wished I had just been honest and told her what I'd done.  But I promised Katrina I wouldn't.  And like she said, she kept her end of the deal, so I had to keep mine,  All of it, including the secrecy.  I couldn't tell her.

But that wasn't all I had wanted to do.  I had wanted to hear the story of what happened.  She seemed upset about whatever it was.  I wanted to hold her and make her feel better, but all I'd done was make her feel worse.  I knew what I had to do.  I wanted to see her again, but I knew the pain she must be feeling.  I've betrayed her trust twice, between hiding behind a bush while she practiced tennis and getting her phone number from her friend.  She would be telling herself it was too much, which is a logical thing to think.  I had to do something that defied that logic, and if there's one thing that beats logic, it's love.

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