A young American tennis player senses someone watching her while she practices, but when her stalker is revealed as singing sensation, Harry Styles, she finds herself falling for him-hard. Her life may never return to the way it was.


2. Ice-cream

Katrina and I headed down to our favorite ice-cream shop. It was always so calm and peaceful, and always open when we finished our matches. We got what we always got-mint chocolate chip (the green kind) with rainbow sprinkles for me, and chocolate chip cookie dough with blue sprinkles for her. We sat down at our usual table in the back.

"so how are things with Rick?" I inquired.

"absolutely fantastic" she responded immediately. She was in a trance. "he's just so sweet, you know? He's invited me out to dinner Friday night at that restaurant that's so fancy I can't even pronounce or remember the name."

He was good to her. She was lucky to have him. I chose to be supportive of her happiness rather than upset that Nathan never worked out for me. "I've always wanted to go there but I've never had the money, reservation, or cause."

"I'm just so excited abou-

She was suddenly drowned out by a huge wave of sound. I looked up and saw pop sensation and one direction member Harry styles enter, followed by his fellow band members Niall Horan and Zane Malik. Louis Tomlinson and liam Payne weren't with their band for some reason, but the paparazzi was. The press was actually recording video and taking notes on what flavors the poor guys ordered! I couldn't imagine being followed like that all say.

"come on Kat, let's go," I mumbled as we tried to sneak out quietly and discretely. Our brilliant plan blew up in our faces in three...two...

"you girls don't have to leave"

I heard a voice behind me. It was Harry styles. And he was talking to me.

"yeah." Niall jumped in, " we'd hate to be the reason you two left"

"okay" I finally managed to offer in response. "but I have to aske-are you guys lost?" I spoke, finally getting myself together. "cuz I think you took a wrong turn somewhere and wound up on the wrong continent." I finished, making it very clear that I had no idea why they were in america.

"we're just vacationing here. We'll be in America for two months" zayne offered up as explanation.

"well in that case, I'd like to apologize for the chilly greeting and properly say welcome to america." I spoke in apology.

"thank you. So we'll see you around then?" Harry inquired.

"we'll see you around" I responded definitely.
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