A young American tennis player senses someone watching her while she practices, but when her stalker is revealed as singing sensation, Harry Styles, she finds herself falling for him-hard. Her life may never return to the way it was.


20. He Cares


I walked inside and to my couch in a daze.  His words echoed in my ears.  "But your worth it" he had said.  And he looked as if he meant it.  His had reached forward and taken my hand, then squeezed it lightly before leaving.  But was I worth it?  I began to analyze every detail of our date.  We had walked out my door side by side, but not hand in hand.  We talked about what we always talked about.  Nothing seemed different, except for the fact that we had kissed.  But at the end of our date, when he told me I was worth it, he simply walked away.  He smiled at me, and I had smiled back at him.  It seemed like the perfect moment for something more to happen.  Maybe for me to invite him inside for a moment.  Maybe for him to confirm a second date.  But more than anything, it felt like the perfect moment for him to kiss me.  Yet he didn't, and that makes me wonder-why?  Was he not interested in me?  Or did he just want to take things slow?  I sat down and pulled off my boots, trying to assure myself that it was nothing to worry about.  I tossed my shoes across the room and then headed to my bedroom.  I walked past a mirror and stopped to see how rediculous I looked-everything from my hair and jewelry to my dress matched perfectly.  Everything except my socks.  I had adorned my feet with one particularly warm pink sock with music notes on it, and one orange and black striped sock that I will have to remember to wear on Halloween.  But it felt weird to match, so I showered and put on a blue t-shirt from volunteering at bible school as a teenager, along with my favorite warm zebra striped pajama pants.  The only reason that my outfit matched earlier was because it was a gift from my Aunt after...well...after the accident.  It was the only nice outfit that I owned, so it matched itself quite well.  And I found a makeup tutorial online to try to 'accent the natural beauty' of my face, as the video put it.  But had I looked good?  Harry said I did, but that might have just been good manners.  I layed down on my bed to get some sleep after my exhausting day, checking my phone before I fell asleep. 

One Missed Call-Harry Styles

After reading that message that was displayed across my screen I felt relieved.  I am absolutely thrilled that he called.  It means that he cares enough to...I don't know... It just means that he cares, and that's enough for me.

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