A young American tennis player senses someone watching her while she practices, but when her stalker is revealed as singing sensation, Harry Styles, she finds herself falling for him-hard. Her life may never return to the way it was.


11. Best I Got


I went home confused.  I was totally lost.  I had just actually had a conversation with one of the most famous singers in the world and I had only actually talked to him because I had no one else to talk to.  But when he asked if I wanted to talk again, I suddenly realized that I did.  Idon't know why, but I would love to see him again.  He had some very interesting views on the way I played tennis, as well as plenty of tips.  Tips that would help me.  Stuff like how to sike out your opponents and ways to predict where their serve would land so you can be there before the ball even hits their racket.  Then we began discussing other things.  Who he was meeting in half an hour, and where.  But he lied.  He clearly just made up a name.  He got all nervous when he said it, and accidently gave a location that was three hours away.  He wasn't meeting anyone.  He just took his chance to ask me to meet him again.  And for some reason I accepted.  Now that I've talked to him a bit, even if it was just because I had no one else to talk to, I want to talk more.  He was so polite and interesting to talk to.  I've even forgiven him for spying,  It's kind of a compliment anyways-he wanted to watch me play tennis so much that he hid in some bushes in order to observe my strategy and methods.  I don't know why I want to get to know him so badly...there's just something about him, but I don't know what it is.  For now, this explanation is the best I got.

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