The Frontline

This is a story based in the world of Gielinor, from the MMORPG game of "Runescape". It starts in the knight base of Custodia , north of the great city of Falador, in an area now known as the "Goblin Village". The story begins from the point of veiw of Sir Laurence Galewind, a young knight of the Falador White Knights and apart of his experience in Custodia. Meet old foes as well as a new in "The Frontline."


1. "They're Coming!"

"All right there Alvin. Our training for today is over." I told Alvin, my squire and young man who has been with me for four years already. I usually gave him time at night to let him eat and sleep how else he would stay awake when I taught him how to defend himself with a sword. Alvin sheathed his sword before taking off his helmet and smiling up at me, I of course being taller than him by roughly five inches. "It was an honor to see your marvelous swings today Sir Galewind." Alvin told me.  He always did admire my way with the sword. I always held it with elegance and striked with precision and power. I sheathed my blade as well and took off my own helmet, and held it with my right arm as I put my left hand onto bottom of my swords hilt. I smiled at him. He truly was a good kid; he would make for a great knight when his time came in a year. My hair was pulled back into a short ponytail and I smiled down at Alvin. "You too will one day wield the sword with such grace. On that day you shall become a white knight in the Falador army." I told him, lifting his spirit with my words. "Now let’s go eat. We both need energy." I said as I began to walk north, towards the long white, glistening, stone building on the north side of Custodia, our great base and defense against the wilderness, the part of the world where no man would rule, a place where savagery and dismay controls the land. Alvin rushed up to catch up to me, staying behind me though as most squires did.


As I pushed the two large wooden door open, I looked into the building to see the great hall filled with men in glistening white armor, I searched the long table for two open positions for me and Alvin, thankfully there were two, I gestured Alvin and he nodded, jogging over to the table and pulling out my chair for me as I approached. I sat down and to my left was an old man, about sixty years of age. "Hello there Sir Colton." I said to the old man, his hair as white as his armor and a large bald spot on the top of his head, he turned his head and looked at me. "Ahh hello there Laurence. How was Alvin's training today?" He asked me, only naturally curious seeing as Alvin was his grandson. "He did wonderful today Sir Colton. His sword skills have been increasing even more this year. He may even out do me given the time."  I said with a chuckle, Sir Colton chuckling along with me.  As Alvin came back, from retrieving our plates, the doors of the long hall slammed open. "They're coming! The Black Knights are charging towards Falador, they will be here within the next hour!" A fully armored knight yelled to us. We all stood up and put on our helmets. A battle was coming. Peace was escaping the grasp of Gielinor.

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