The Frontline

This is a story based in the world of Gielinor, from the MMORPG game of "Runescape". It starts in the knight base of Custodia , north of the great city of Falador, in an area now known as the "Goblin Village". The story begins from the point of veiw of Sir Laurence Galewind, a young knight of the Falador White Knights and apart of his experience in Custodia. Meet old foes as well as a new in "The Frontline."


4. Resolve

The wizard smirked widely as his staff's head turned a mix between red and green. A crystal ball appearing on the top of the staff with the light brown color. He began to slowly walk towards us, a small army of knights were charging at him and all he did was smirk and walk slowly to us. He waved his free hand and a large wave of fire was released from the mage's hand. He was using fire magic to fight us. Then there was the dragon. She opened both of her mouths. The right head was spitting oil from her mouth while the left fired sparks that flew about three inches away from it's mouth. As the sparks hit the oil, it turned into a torrent of flames. We all stopped in out tracks and we heard as some of the knights began to scream in pain because of the fire consuming their bodies and armor. I wished we could stop the fight to help them, but I knew that was not possible, we were in the middle of a battle that would determine the history of Falador and Custodia.

"Fall back to the base!" Sir Colton yelled out. We followed his orders without a second word. We all knew that we couldn't simply run into battle without a strategy, especially against a powerful mage and a powerful dragon. We all ran into the long hall, the best spot of defense on the base.


"Pour yourselves with water. It will build up some resistance to the fire." Sir Colton ordered us. We did as he said and ran to the many buckets of water that were filled daily. We poured water onto ourselves to moisten our armor. After a few minutes, we were all soaked in water, our armor dripping and our clothes underneath the armor being as damp as the sea. We all grasped our weapons. "Now men. Half of us will break up and attack the wizard, the other half will attack the dragon. Our tasks are easy. To defeat both of the foes." Sir Colton spoke out to us all. I re-gripped my two handed sword, grasping it with both my hands, as it should be held. As we were inside the long hall, we heard the crumbling of building outside. It was if the ground underneath each of the building was moving around and destroying the building. We charged through the large wooden doors to see that most of the base was already gone, only the long hall remained. We split up, half of the White Knights and squires charged at the mage. I however charged towards the other foe, the Prince Black Dragon. The battle would not end quickly I felt, and would defiantly not end without the lose of many.

I gripped my two handed sword. I knew that I had to do my best to defeat this dragon. My skills of a knight would reflect on the damage I impose to one of the Gielinor's dragons. The dragon's position was to our advantage thankfully. As we charged out towards the dragon, the sunlight shined down onto her eyes. It was slightly blinded by us all. 

"Circle around the dragon!"

I yelled out to the knights and squires. I took position as the leader of this attack while Sir Colton took head over the battle with the wizard. The men did as they were told. They circled around the dragon, their weapons and shield at the ready. The dragon was looking over the men, deciding who would be the tastiest appetiser for her. We couldn't let her pick though.  I tightened the grip on my two handed sword once more before yelling out the final command to the white knights and squires. 


I roared out underneath my helmet. We all let out a battle roar as we charged in towards the dragon, lifting our weapons against it. The dragon's head was straight ahead of me, but she wasn't going to make it easy for us all. He swung his long black tail at the warriors behind him and they were all whipped away to the side. He threw away a quarter of our forces with a simple gesture. We had to ignore this fact though. We could not cloud our minds with thoughts of loss and not being able to return to see our families. I brought up my large two-handed sword and swung it as I got within range. The sword scratched against the dragon's thick scales. His hide was thick, it was not something to be reckoned with. I was the first one to hit the Prince dragon, this was not something she would simply let slide. He rose and stood on her back two feet. As he stood his right front claw hit my body and the claw ran up to my helmet.

I was sent flying back from the impact of the dragon's claw. I landed on my back, my sword flying out of my hand as I was flying through the air. I landed, bounced off the ground for a short momment and my helmet flew off. I landed again on the ground, the back of my head hitting the ground hard. I gave out an oof of pain and I could hear a ringing in my ears from the first I hit the ground. My helmet was rolling away from me slowly. I struggled to get up, but as I did I saw terror. I saw my men, men who I had fought with for years as a squire and years as a knight being cut down and burned by the prince black dragon.

I began to stand up, my feet were wobbly but I managed to do it. The chaos was not stopping, this Prince was taking down the knights and squires as if they were nothing. I had to put a stop to this, or Gielinor would fall. I grabbed my sword, my family sword, that had been attached to my waist still. It was the only weapon I had left, I had to make it count. I would not die yet. I was destitution to meet Saradomin one day, but today would not be that day.

I began my charge, holding my beautiful family sword in my right hand as I charged forward at the dragon. His back was faced towards me, he we slashing down on other knights. It was a circumstance I would want to join, but it was something I had to do.

As I got closer I tightened my grip and let out a battle cry. The Prince had just finished slashing down the soilder when he began to turn towards me. He was slow though, even if he was a might beast. As he was turning, not even facing me yet, I was already within distance of the left head. I brought up my sword, stabbing it into the dragon's left head, going straight threw. The Prince let out a cry of pain, its left head of course only being held up by the fact that it was surrounding my blade. I withdrew my blade quickly and took a few steps back. It's left head plopped down on the ground, cracking the ground slightly as it hit. This was going to be my bridge to finish the job however. The body was trying to turn faster to face me, but it was carrying the weight of its left half of the body, well the head anyways. I took advantage of this however, it gave me plenty of time. 

As he tried to turn I ran up the left head to get onto the dragon's back. It was obviously not happy for he began to move his body around to try to kick me off, but I anticipated such a thing. As it began to move around I brought my sword back up and heavily brought it down, plunging my sword into the dragon's back. He let out a cry of pain and raised onto his back legs. He we trying to knock me off but I would not let him succeed.

As it got back onto all four legs I withdrew the blade and ran forward on its body, towards the right head. I was going to finish this dragon, may Saradomin be my witness.

"For Gielinor!"

I yelled as I was on the dragon's neck, bringing my sword up, the blade facing downwards towards the dragon's neck.

"And for Saradomin!!"

I yelled lastly before I brought the sword down with all of my might. It stabbed deeply into the dragon's neck. The Prince attempted to yell an angered note but it was stopped shortly, my blade having cut into its' wind pipe. The dragons head began to come down. I held onto my sword with both of my hands so that I would not be sent flying off.

As the head landed on the ground, I shifted, but I was still on top of the deceased body. The battle was over, the dragon had been slain, but at what cost. The cost of more than half of the white knights and squires stationed at this base. The price of protecting Gielinor was high, but we did so knowing that our friends and family would be safe.

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