The Frontline

This is a story based in the world of Gielinor, from the MMORPG game of "Runescape". It starts in the knight base of Custodia , north of the great city of Falador, in an area now known as the "Goblin Village". The story begins from the point of veiw of Sir Laurence Galewind, a young knight of the Falador White Knights and apart of his experience in Custodia. Meet old foes as well as a new in "The Frontline."


5. Pulled Back

With this battle I had not noticed the battle with the mage that Sir Colton was taking charge of. I hadn't even seen Sir Colton nor heard his voice through out the battle. Sir Colton was a polite man but in battle a man from Lumbridge would hear Sir Colton yell at his enemy. I withdrew my sword from the lifeless dragon's neck and looked around the field, looking at the destruction that plagued this base.

As I surveillance the area, I had seen the battle with the mage. It was a tragedy. The fight compared to the fight that the other group had been through seemed like children's sword fight. All of the men, except Alvin, had been set on fire by the mage's foul dark magic. Alvin was kneeling down next to a body. I quickly hurried over, to see if he was all right.

As I got there I saw Alvin more clearly. He was crying over a body. The body was Sir Colton. His face was charred from the fire magic but his armor was what set him apart of everyone else. 

"A-Alvin...I'm so sorry about your loss." I had told him scencerly. We had all lost our friends, but never close family. Most families did not serve in the same areas, mainly so one would not have to watch the other perish. He could not stop sobbing. I looked over at the mage's body. It had a dagger piercing his heart. It was no ordinary dagger though. It bared the Colton family's crest, a dagger that was entrusted to Alvin. Alvin had taken down the mage, after everyone else had died.

Alvin's sobs would not stop and the remaining men began to gather around. I was in charge now, I had to make a call on what to do next.

"We must pull back and go back to Faldor and tell them what has happened here.We do not have enough knights to keep this position. We must ask the King what we must do or we will perish here." I told everyone before looking down at Alvin. "We will come back and bury our dead, but for now we must go." I told him. He nodded in agreement and stood. His left arm was severely burnt. I sheathed my sword and put my arm around Alvin.


We made our way back to Falador, back home to report. Our days at that base had been over. The memory of that battle will forever be engraved upon that land and within our souls.

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