Will of the Dark Lords

An adventurer feels that all is not quite right in the land of Gilenior. He is brought on an adventure into the deepest parts of the lands in order to fight off a growing menace.


1. Just another day in Gilenior...

As Terryn was whisked through the ancient magic of the fairy rings, he could feel something wasn’t right. As the teal walls of the fairy city of Zanaris whisked passed him, he could feel himself getting thrown about in ways that he couldn’t explain. Terryn had been to all corners of Gielinor, from the depths of the searing hot volcano on Karamja to the frosty steps of Daemionheim, yet in all his travels, he had never had this sensation. Suddenly, he was shot out and landed in a heap, enduring minor wounds due to his ancient armor from the legendary Verac the Defiler. He was in a dark, damp cave, listening to the cool water shimmying its way down the stalactites from above, then splashing into a cool puddle. As Terryn collected his thoughts, he took in his surroundings. A flash appeared in the corner of his eye, followed by a deep roar, and then a metallic clink on the ice cold floor beneath him. “There must be metal dragons around here.” He thought, and then ran away from the sight. That could have been bad; escaping this dreadful place was his only hope. The remains of other adventurers who were not so fortunate were scattered about the musty belly of the cavern. Terryn heard a few people exchanging words, and followed the noise. He thought the darkness would never end, until a few fellow adventurers came into sight. Terryn panted out a quick hello before falling on his knees, weary from his experiences. The people rushed to his side and attempted to help him up. As they brought him up on his feet again, a woman bearing vivid colors of face paint came to Terryn’s side. She spoke softly but strongly, showing confidence without being self-imposing. A long back cape decorated her back, flowing down to the hard rock that lay under their feet. She spoke to Terryn saying, “Thank Saradomin you’re here, we need your help."


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