Inside My Arms

Krissa isn't any normal 19 year old, she has a secret personality filled with horror, drama, and romance. Come join her in her crazy journey finding who she really needs in "Inside My Arms".
not a fanfic with them famous
*Warning if you have any problem with blood or flesh, don't read this*


1. Prologue

Krissa's P.O.V.


        I was walking with  Kyle through the woods on our 5th date. We knew everything was going to be perfect like it always was. We'd hold hands, talk about cheesy stuff, and so on. I knew it was time to make a move for once. What time could be better? It was the middle of November and the leaves on the trees were orange and yellow, his favorite colors. Kyle told me his favorite season was fall because he loved going on a walk when the leaves were falling and everything was so peaceful. I couldn't stop thinking about him. 

        "Krissa, KRISSA!!!!" I heard it but didn't know where it was coming from. The voice sounded familiar and then it clicked. It was Kyle. But why was he screaming my name? I came back to reality and saw something bolting towards me, but what was it? All that was running through my mind at that moment was 'What could that be?' I knew unusual stuff happened in these woods, but what was it?

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