Inside My Arms

Krissa isn't any normal 19 year old, she has a secret personality filled with horror, drama, and romance. Come join her in her crazy journey finding who she really needs in "Inside My Arms".
not a fanfic with them famous
*Warning if you have any problem with blood or flesh, don't read this*


2. Funny Feelings

        Kyle had just been taken away from me by vampires right in front of my eyes. Why was it him? I knew they wouldn't just leave me there and do nothing to me, so what was it? All I knew was that I was hungry, but not like usual. I wanted something different, something unusual, something like blood. I figured it out! One of them bit me! I've always wanted to be a vampire, but I wanted to be one with Kyle.

        Oh, I missed Kyle so much. My whole world revolved around him, and all of a sudden he was taken away from my life in the blink of an eye. He was taken away from me and there was nothing I could do about it. All I wanted was him and him only.

        I knew I had to do something about this hunger. This unusual hunger that barely anybody experiences in their life. This hunger that had to be filled with humans. But why would I want to kill someone for myself? I couldn't do that to an innocent person who could be living a life full of joy and laughter. A life I'll probably never experience again.

        How can I fill this hole inside me needing blood without hurting anybody? I knew it! I could do it without taking anyone's life away and fill my needy hole inside me! I could just make a little pierce in their skin and collect the blood. It was that simple. But what would i use to collect it?

        I went back home and searched for an empty bottle. I knew we had plenty because I used them alot. What i forgot was that i still have to clean all of them. "Oh well," I thought, "I guess I'll just use a dirty one." The hole was getting bigger and bigger. I had to find someone fast. Then, I realized the reason they probably bit me was because they wanted me to join them. I knew i had to find the vampires first before I did any harm and I had to find them fast because the hole was starting to eat me alive.

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