Forever After

ZIALL; Niall's new in the school and Zayn's your typical badboy. Niall switched school because he was openly gay, and got severely hurt. Zayn likes Niall. Niall likes Zayn back. When Zayn and Niall get paired up for a music project, what will happen? Will they be able to hide their feelings?


3. The Project

~*~*~ Nialls POV ~*~*~

4th period is now, Music, and Liam dropped me off before going to his class. I walked in and saw Zayn sitting alone in the back with a spot next to him open. I assume he doesn't have his possy with him in this class so I sit next to him. 

"Hey!" I say cheerfully.

"Hey" he smiles

That smile, it absolutely made my day.

"OKAY! I am Mr.Ortega. I know it's your first day here, but we will be starting a project today. You will work with your desk partner, and the project is; Pick a song and write down all the meanings you find about it. You will turn it in, then perform the song for the class. This project will be due in 2 months and we will spend a week doing performances since this class is absolutely huge. Have fun, and 'may the odds be ever in your favor'" Mr.Ortega chuckled to himself at the end and went to sit down at his desk, starting to shuffle papers around.

"Well, I guess you're my partner. I'm Niall Horan." I smile at Zayn and give my hand to him.

"Hello Niall, I'm Zayn Malik." He takes my hand and shakes it before the bell rings, indicating it's lunch.

"Hey, wanna meet up at my place after school so we can work on the project?" I ask

"Sure, I'd love to." I hand him a piece of paper with the address and my number before we say our goodbyes and head to lunch. He doesnt seem like such a bad person, why is everyone scared of him? I liked the way he said my name too, it rolls off his tongue quite nicely.


Authors note;

Yes, TWO updates in one day. I'm quite bored so I'm updating a lot this weekend lol. Sorry if I'm going strait into the story so fast. I'm making this a short story, maybe write a sequal? I don't know eh. But thanks for the support, and over 200 reads, THANK YOU!! (:

September 22, 2012

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