Forever After

ZIALL; Niall's new in the school and Zayn's your typical badboy. Niall switched school because he was openly gay, and got severely hurt. Zayn likes Niall. Niall likes Zayn back. When Zayn and Niall get paired up for a music project, what will happen? Will they be able to hide their feelings?


2. Meeting Him

~~At School, The next day~~


"Yeah, Lets see... We have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Lunch, and 6th period together. You have the rest with Zayn and his crew. One hint; do NOT associate with Zayn, Louis, and Harry." Liam tells me.


"Because, they're the baddest around. Drugs, parties, sex, alcohol, all that jazz is in their system. Perrie is Zayns sex doll aka they're friends with benefits. Louis and Harry are in a relationship as well. Zayn and I were actually best friends from preschool until 8th grade, when he met Louis and Harry. He stopped talking to me then and he told me "it was for the best" buLLSHIT. Well yeah. They bully everyone who dares to look them in the eyes, and all the girls swoon over them."

"Oh wow okay thanks for the information." I said

The bell rang for 1st period and Liam and I walked towards it when I accidentally ran into someone.

"Woah sorry I didn't see where I was going-" I turned to see who the person I ran into and I saw a beautiful greek god infront of me with his gorgeous black hair with blonde streaks in it in a quiff and tan skin and amazing brown eyes.

"Uh, no problem." He turned around and ran while Liams jaw dropped.


"What? WHAT?! That was ZAYN MALIK. You ran into him and he didn't hurt you or threaten you. That was the first time I have ever seen him do that for 4 years. Are you like, an angel sent from above on a mission to cure him or something!?"

I laughed and we walked to class together. So that was Zayn? Wow, I saw stars when I saw him. What is this feeling?


~*~*~ Zayns POV ~*~*~

His eyes were a beautiful blue and I felt like I was being sucked into them, they were so pretty. His hair was bleached, I could tell by his brown roots, but it looked perfect on him. He's perfect. I know I'm bi, I've known since 8th grade. When I saw him, time seemed to stand still and it felt as if we were the only two left on this planet. I need to know his name. I don't care what anyone else thinks about us dating. He's mine, only mine, no one else's. The one with the blonde hair and piercing blue eyes will be mine, no matter what I have to go through.


Authors Note;

SO sorry for not updating much!! I've just had an EXTREME writers block, but I promise I'll be updating more often! I love your feedback, it gets me in the mood to write! Thanks for the support guys! (:

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