Forever After

ZIALL; Niall's new in the school and Zayn's your typical badboy. Niall switched school because he was openly gay, and got severely hurt. Zayn likes Niall. Niall likes Zayn back. When Zayn and Niall get paired up for a music project, what will happen? Will they be able to hide their feelings?


5. Is this it?

Niall pulled up to his and Zayns shared flat with their one year anniversary present; a scrapbook of all their shared moments from prom, to homecoming, to graduation, everything.


He saw an unfamiliar car parked in the driveway and he became suspicious, so he tiptoed in the flat, knowing it was unlocked.


Niall looked on the couch and he couldve fainted then and there from the sight.


Zayn and Perrie ..... were snogging.


"ZAYN!?" Niall choked out. Zayn and Perrie jumped apart from eachother and Perrie had a smug look on her face. "Zaynie, I'll be in the car"


Niall hurt so much, Zaynie was HIS nickname for Zayn. "Niall, uh .. I'm uh .. this isnt what it looks like I promise" Perrie walked out the door, and Zayn was checking her out in the process.


"It doesn't? Please, explain why I saw you and perrie SNOGGING on OUR couch in OUR flat. Don't you love me?" Niall was so mad and angry, his tears became hot ones.


"Yes?" Zayn said unsure. C'mon, everyone could tell they loves eachother, but there was something about Perrie that he couldn't stay away from. 


"Zayn, we're done, you can't cheat on me, I can't let that happen" Niall said, knowing damn right Zayn cheated on him.


Zayn grabbed the important things, and Niall shoved the scrapbook into Zayns arm. Zayn looked at it and started to cry, regretting everything immediately.


"Wait, Niall, I'm so sorry please take me back please please please I'm begging you she was a mistake" Zayn pleaded.


"No, and just to remind you, I have all your money, remember? Good luck having a good family with that ugly hag" Niall said calmly and shoved Zayn out of their- his flat. Niall sunk to the ground in tears, wishing that this was only a dream.


Zayn sat on a bed in a cheap hotel, looking through the scrapbook. He was crying so hard, it was blurring his vision and it was almost hard to see what he was looking at. The last one hit him hard; 

It was a picture of them two the day they promised eachother something, in big print above it "Forever and Always" with a red heart next to it.

Perrie broke up with him once he told her he had no money, now he's making minimum wage at Mcdonalds, living with his mom, praying everyday that Niall would find him and take him back.

That night when they broke up, it was that last thing Niall had ever said to him. The rest of the boys, except Harry(even though they barely keep in touch), started to ignore him as well, so he didnt have any friends. It was like highschool all over again.


HEY GUYS! It's over! I'm doing a sequel that will be short, like this one. Sorry guys, I don't have much time to right, I wish I did! I'll start on the sequel soon! Thanks for reading, and stay in tune for the sequel! (:


November 9, 2012

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