Forever After

ZIALL; Niall's new in the school and Zayn's your typical badboy. Niall switched school because he was openly gay, and got severely hurt. Zayn likes Niall. Niall likes Zayn back. When Zayn and Niall get paired up for a music project, what will happen? Will they be able to hide their feelings?


4. A First

Ok guys, sorry I havent been updating a lot lately, I'm too lazy ha ha ha (: So here's one, and I'll try updating more (:



Zayn and Niall were in Nialls room trying to do homework and no one else was home. Things started happening after doing 5 questions; they started talking about their feelings, which was a supprise to both of them, they're always so closed to the world, not letting their emotions flow out of them so easily. But they felt so comfortable with eachother, they couldnt help it. 


"Niall, may I kiss you? I want to try something." Zayn had asked, trying to sound like he wasnt sure he was gay, but he knew he was 100% sure.


Niall nodded, and Zayn slowly leaned in.  Soon enough, their lips met and it felt like fireworks were erupting  Their lips tingled, as well as their hands, faces, pretty much their whole bodies.


Niall felt like his world was complete, that this felt right. Zayn also agreed. After they had finished kissing- more like snogging- Zayn asked him to be his. Niall, of course, said yes. It had been three months and they've been as close as ever. They've gained friends, and they have a little group as well, consisting of Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam. Liam and Harry were going out, and Louis was with Eleanor. 


~Nialls POV~

"Babe, I love you so, so much. I'm glad we're together" I said, while smiling at Zayn.

"I love you too, don't forget that. Forever and always, I promise" 

He held out his pinkie finger and I linked mine with his. "Forever and always."


~If only Niall really knew what Zayn was doing behind his back


Okay guys, theres gonna be one more chapter that I'm uploading in a few, and it's ovER! but I'm going to do a squeal thats "happily ever after" don't worry (;




November 9, 2012

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