"I promised to fulfil my duty as the chosen"
"so you did"
I don't break my promises"

Chosen book 1: Valriana will learn that sacrifice, is harder than she ever thought


1. Prologue (1470)

The floor of the temple shook and Valriana fell the the ground, she had to get away, she had to help her friends. Valriana got up on wobbly legs and forced herself to run towards escape, the roof fell from above her and she narrowly avoided being crushed to death. The temple doors where so close, she could see her friends and she could see the soldiers that where racing towards them, no! Valriana could not allow them to be forced as slaves here any longer, fifteen years was far too long and she wouldn't let it continue any longer. She let out an angry cry as she summoned her powers forth and built a wall of fire around the people she had come to think of as family, Valriana knew she would have to stay behind to help them and was glad to do it, they didn't have to suffer an eternity along side her. The soldiers staggered back in surprise and they whipped their heads around to look of the source of the sorcery, they stared strait into my eyes as I lifted my hands once more and said the words in the ancient language that caused the temple door to collapse, sealing away any chance they had at getting my friends back.

"Valriana! No, no!" I heard my best friend Anabeth yell through the wall, of rock. I watched as the soldiers advanced, they stopped when a shadow loomed over me, hands brought my hair back so that it bared my throat and cascaded down my back in gold and silver waves. I shuddered in disgust at the touch, I knew it to be my master, well I was no longer his obedient little Valriana. I wrenched myself away from the offending touch, I couldn't bare to have him touch me ever again. 

"You would do well to keep your filthy, disgusting hands away from me, Barick." I spat at him, I didn't care how he punished me now, the others were safe. His glare did nothing to me.

"Cara, what happened to my sweet, understanding and ever so helpful Valriana? Why did you do this?" Barick questioned as he went to touch her cheek. Valriana felt disgusted at his endearment, she was not his cara she never would be again. Valriana recoiled from the offending hand, he met her eyes and flinched under their fierce and defying look. She saw the reaction he had had when he met her gaze and she saw something else, Barick looked down at her hands and she followed his gaze, her hands were glowing with a from a fire that burned brightly in but her palm and figuratively in her eyes. Valriana understood in that moment, Barick was afraid of her! He would keep her as his prisoner now but hidden deep in his gaze was fear, of her. 

"I could no longer be your willing slave, nor could I condemn them to that life." It was spoken loudly and fiercely, she meant it and they knew that. However her words only fazed Barick slightly, his gaze darkened.

"very well then little one, I can't get your friends back, so you will have to do." He was true to his word, Valriana would have to do and she did, for four hundred years.

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