The Biggest Battle of Runescape History

Read To Find Out


1. The Beginning - Part 1 of 1 Short Story

Their in the darkness of the infamous draynor village, know for robberies and many secrets, lies one secret than even Mod Mark was so impressed by, even to this day he shall not speak of it, but not to worry!              I'm here to tell you a tale of the most epic, glorious and heroic battle of one man vs the best of the best. Deep in the draynor town, inside a rotten beat up home with curtains being eaten by grotworms and scorpions running all around the creaky and falling apart floor, laid in his bed, a common citizen of Runescape, that one man didn't realize on that very faithful day the most intense experience was about to behold him. As he awoke from his slumber, he began to wonder how to make gold for the day, to feed his pet yak, the mighty and ferocious Mr.Kit Kat, and he began to thinking into a deep state of though, BAM! a loud noise came from the door of the house, as it echo-ed through the empty and hollow home, the adventurer (Toy Mouse), got up with little to no energy left in him, and slowly staggered to the door. As he wondered to the door, he knew something wasn't right, quickly he turned his head and saw a Max cape on the floor, it had been tore and shredded by something or someone instantly he knew, that the cape was someone else's and the man at the door was here to claim what was his from the beginning. Toy Mouse snapped out of his daze and quickly ran around the room to find a place to hide the stolen cape, as he frantically tried to hide it, he heard a loud noise in at the door.*Smash! Break!* He turned his head to see that the one and only Soumi had just broken the door with his mighty hatchet, Toy Mouse ran for his life! but to no avail, Soumi quickly caught him with a trap that was set many hours into Toy's sleep. As Toy Pleased for mercy the Nostalgic Soumi searched for his Max Cape, but to no luck, in anger he cut the trap and began to question the scared and shaking Toy Mouse, as he was shaking him, quickly with his high agility Toy Mouse jumps away and looks at Soumi with intense and glazed eyes that seemed to show Toy wasn't going down without a fight! Soumi accepted the Fight and it Began! Toy quickly drew his hand and!!! 1 2 3! Rock Paper Scissors! as Soumi Placed Rock and Toy Placed Paper! It's all over! Toy Mouse wins the fight!, as quickly as it started it was ended, as Toy jumped with joy, a huge painful burning sensation came over his face, only to realize Soumi just Falcon Punched Toy in his unarmored face, as Toy fell to the ground Soumi said "Why didn't your paper save you?" So their lied Toy on his floor as Soumi leaves with his Max Cape, the door is rebuild out of generosity by Soumi and slowly closed to let the Might Toy Mouse sleep in slumber for the next thousand years.


Hope You Enjoy as Much as I did Writing It :)

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