It was fate that brought Liam and Danielle together, but will it help them get through life as it gets tough? Liam loves Danielle, and Danielle loves Liam, and they say love is strong enough for anything.


1. Meeting Him

Danielle’s POV

“I’m not lying, honestly Terri, why don’t you believe me?” I ask with tears escaping my eyes.

“Because you’re never around, and you're always busy. Of course you're seeing someone else! I’m not that stupid!” he yells at me.

“Please stay, Terri” I whisper. “I’m leaving, now!” he states and goes to his room, supposedly to pack. He emerges a mere second later with a suitcase in one hand and a duffel bag in the other. He packed ahead of time?

I feel my body racked with oncoming sobs as I start to quietly cry. He slams the door shut but I go after him regardless. I get to the lobby and see him with Renee, that girl who always hated me when I was just dating Terri. She was furious when she found out I was living with him.

I stop in my tracks. He was planning on leaving me the whole time. I start to walk back to our apartment on the sixth floor, still barefoot. The elevator looks packed and I don’t want anyone to see me. I just need some time alone to think.

With thoughts whirling through my mind, I start the long trek to the apartment. I hope there’s no one there, I hate it when people see me cry. I'm sobbing now.

I finish the third flight of stairs and see a boy hiding in a corner wheezing, and girls screaming on the other side of locked doors. I ignore both, and quiet down, but the tears are still flowing down my face. The boy looks up and stops breathing heavily. He’s probably surprised that I'm ignoring him, given the fans outside.

“Are you alright?” he asks.

I pause and turn to look at him. “Nothing that would concern you,” I say calmly. Then I realize who I'm talking to. It’s Liam Payne.

He looks at me sorrowfully. “I'm sorry.” He says. “Why are you apologizing?” I ask confused as to why he would care. “Whoever has gotten you to cry like that has obviously been cruel to you.” He says.

I look at him again, a small smile on my face, “That’s sweet, but I should go.” And I continue up the stairs.

“Wait!” I hear from below. I turn and see him right behind me. “Um… could I, you know, have your n-number?” he asks hopefully, and I see him prepare for a no.

I'm flattered. Was he nervous around me? No boy has ever been nervous around me, especially not someone like him.

I look into his eyes – he has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, chocolate brown with hazel tints – he brings a smile to my face, and brightens my mood. “Sure!” I say glee fully.

“Okay?!” he says evidently surprised that I said yes. He pulls out his phone and I pull out mine. We exchange phones and type in our numbers. We switch phones and take each others’ pictures. He looks at the profile as if to see if it’s true. A large smile is spreading across his face. Now I see why those girls are going crazy.

 For a moment when our eyes meet we are stuck in the moment. Everything else – my problems, and worries – just disappeared. I swear sparks were flying all around us. We were obviously a case of love at first sight. I break my gaze, and say, “I should go.”

He kisses my cheek and walks out the doors he came in, straight into the fans – I think he forgot they were there – and gets pulled out almost instantly. I look to find him and suddenly he bursts back in.

He looks like he had come from war. One of his sleeves was half missing and I could see a girl waving it in the hallway. I realized why he had come to the stairwell in the first place. I giggled, “Use the emergency stairwell on the other side of the building and headed up to the – my – apartment.

My phone buzzes later that night;

Would you like to go out for lunch tomorrow? xx -Liam

I think for a minute before replying;

Sure, sounds good! xo -Danielle

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