It was fate that brought Liam and Danielle together, but will it help them get through life as it gets tough? Liam loves Danielle, and Danielle loves Liam, and they say love is strong enough for anything.


2. Lunch, or not



Danielle’s POV

~*~ tomorrow at lunch ~*~

                I wait at my door; he said he would pick me up around one. I chose a tank top, with a loose print cover up, and navy blue skinny jeans.

I open the door a second later to him in a plaid shirt and skinny jeans. “Ready to go?” he asks.

“Yep” I say. We decide to walk to a small bistro in town.

I went to the ladies room, and, there, there were a few girls who looked familiar. They started to talk to me, and I realized where they were from.

“We saw you with Liam the other day.” One girl says; they were the girls at the doors yesterday chasing Liam. “Yeah, I was with him” I said, a little unsure. Wrong thing to say.

The brunette answers with a punch to my cheek. My hand flies up to meet it, and I can feel blood rushing up and bruising. The other girl positions my face to meet her eyes. “You stay away from Liam. Back off or else.”

The blonde grabs my hair, and pushes me up to the wall. I hit my head and wince, but she has me pinned up. “You're just a fake bitch who doesn’t deserve Liam. We’re so much better than you, so get outta here.”

She lets go of me and I slide to the ground, clutching my head. How could they say that? They don’t even know me, and they’re calling me a fake bitch?

The three girls turn around with a sneer and a flip of their hair, and walk out without another word.


A/N: sorry for not updating recently, and sorry for making this chapter so short. its the best i can manage right now, and its not that good, but i will be better, i just need fillers for my story. i have a lot of plot later, but i need to know what to put in between then and now. :) i will update again soon.

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