Magic Is Lost.

When Harry gets into a car crash almost killing him and he falls in love with his nurse who thinks she's going crazy cause she's the only one who can hear him. ....what will Harry go through to get her when she's engaged and he's in a coma?


3. Your not crazy love

she stood up and walked out of the room and came back two hours later with a man.. she told him to sit down and then kissed him and then walked away was he her boyfriend i never knew.. when she came back she moved my hair around and put a bucket under my head and started to sponge bath me. "you don't like this guy do you babe" then man behind her asked "No he's just a patient i don't even know i just have to take care of him is all i know okay don't be so jealous im engaged to you" she said laughing and washing my neck, she's engaged to him she could do so much better "does everyone still think your crazy here?" he asked her laughing and she just stopped smiling "yeah do you think im crazy nick?" she said turning and looking at him "Yeah a bit" she turned back around to me and start to wash me again "Nick i think you should leave im double thinking the hole thing in the hospital" "babe you promised" he said pretty angrily "I know want to any more okay i have to look after Harry maybe you should just leave" "alright i don't want to stay any ways i have other people then fine" he said getting up angrily and storming out.. what an ass hole i just punch him right there.

She sat down beside me and looked at me strange "Harry do you love any one?" she said curious "No" i responded back she stood up and looked at me.. did she just hear me "Did.. did you just speak?" she said putting her hand on my cheek "You can hear me?" i asked her and she jumped back and put her hand on her heart she did hear me! "Umm. this is not happening" she said shaking her head "Can you help me babe no one else can hear me!" i asked her she looked at me and nodded "yeah what anything?" she said walking closer to me and holding my hand "Tell Louis that i may be like this for a while and that recording without me maybe be fine the boys shouldn't have to stop singing for me" she just stared at me "How what who is Louis from your band?" she asked me backing up again "Yes love that's  him" "i have to site down" she said running out of the room in complete shock.. well that went well i thought to myself what does this mean if she's the only one who can hear me.. 

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