Magic Is Lost.

When Harry gets into a car crash almost killing him and he falls in love with his nurse who thinks she's going crazy cause she's the only one who can hear him. ....what will Harry go through to get her when she's engaged and he's in a coma?


5. Your Early...

Kierha's P.O.V

"Kierha get me my tools now go fast hurry i need other doctors in here" the doctor yells at me as i run out to the hall and into the closet area and grab the doctors tools and run back and give them to him "He can come out of a coma if we help him lets go lets go lets go" the doctor yells as the others start to shock him awake as i leave the room.

"we did it he's awake" the doctor says walking out of the room "and kierha you can go home and sleep but harry has to stay here for another two weeks so come back in two days and your back on harry duty" the doctor says to me walking away "Okay sir" i yell as he leaves

"Hey babe your home early" my boy friend says jumping up from the couch "yeah babe harry woke up today" i said walking over to him to give him a kiss and see a girl laying on the couch with no shirt or pants on "i can explain babe let me" i turned around and started to cry "she came on to me and i was drunk and i didn't mean to baby i love you and just you" i couldn't really think cause technically i cheated on him to by kissing harry " will you ever cheat on me again?" i ask him walking to the door and opening it "no baby i wont" he responds back "okay well we will deal with this another day okay im going to go to the hospital and talk to Diana and stay at her house tonight and we will talk about this another day were that whores not here" i said storming out the door and racing back to the hospital.

"Hey jen where's Diana?" she's working your floor today at the a coma section "alright thanks" i said smiling and walking down a floor and into the a coma lobby "hey jess where Diana?" "she's working Harry's room today want me to buzz her?" "no-no that's fine i know were it is" i said smiling and walking to harrys room "knock-knock Diana" i said walking in to see harry a sleep i knew he would be because they would have put him to sleep because of stress "Hey kierha what you doin here?" Diana said smiling and hugging me "came to ask you something." 

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