Magic Is Lost.

When Harry gets into a car crash almost killing him and he falls in love with his nurse who thinks she's going crazy cause she's the only one who can hear him. ....what will Harry go through to get her when she's engaged and he's in a coma?


15. Nick is Worth Nothing.

People were crying every where i looked and this was getting way to depressing i had to leave and plus Nicks sister would not stop flirting with harry at her own mothers funeral like really? i wanted to punch her in the face. sorry sadness makes me mean. "Harry love can we please go now im getting tired and i kind of want to kiss you where there arent people soaking my dress with tears im sorry thats just the way i feel" i said sadly and he hugged me "of coarse dont worry lets go" he said grabbing my hand and leading me to the exit "kierha where do you think you are going?" Nick said behind harry like almost in his ear and i could feel harry's grip tighten on my hand "Harry its okay" i whispered "we'er leaving Nick im sorry for your loss but i have to leave now" i said turning and looking at Nick who had a stupid smirk on his face "So is it true we like just get divorced and your already getitng married again you skank?" he said and harry turned around and looked at him "Back the hell up before i make you eat the groud" "Harry!" i said pulling him into me and kissing his cheek "He isnt worth it" i whipered into his ear "Yeah listen to her" he said smirking still "i will cause i love her unlike you ever did" harry said taking me and walking out of the door.

"Ugh i just wanna go back there and rip his head of you don't even understand" Harry said getting angryier "Its fine you were the bigger person and that's all that matters" i said smiling at him and he smiled back at me "i dont know you just calm me down and make me feel happy you bring me to a happier place and for that i love you" Harry said smiling then leaning in and kissing me.

When we got home i ran out of the car and straight to the house cause it was raining like crazy and so did harry when we got to the door harry unlocked it and we went in "Im so cold" i said laughing than jumping on harry who was also soaked and he kissed me then we started making out, and he slammed me up against the wall and started to take his shirt off and i laughed "Harry not right now" i said biting my lip "why?" he said giving me a said face "because turn around" and there was the boys standing there "Hey curly i love your abs so sexy" Louis said and we all laughed.

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