Magic Is Lost.

When Harry gets into a car crash almost killing him and he falls in love with his nurse who thinks she's going crazy cause she's the only one who can hear him. ....what will Harry go through to get her when she's engaged and he's in a coma?


20. Last Good Bye (The Ending Part 2)

Harry last POV..

ughh it's already 4:00 i hope she can make it today i swear if she calls to cancel I'll- *ring ring* "hello..." "Hey baby i can come im sorry i didn't call sooner but i miss you and ill see you soon and i have news for you!" i laughed "i have news for you to" she laughed which made me smile "your so cute be there in 20 handsome" "okay gorgeous see you soon" she laughed "and i love you Kierha" "i love you to harry" then i hung up and ran to make sure i looked at my best wearing a tuxzedo and my nice new tie and i had to smell really good! im so nervous.


as i get down on one knee about to ask one of the biggest questions ever i know that its right because it feels so real. when she looks at me and i look at her... i just cant explain what it does to my heart.. Love

as i ask her the question's that will be heard and loved by many maybe be hated by some i know that i can do this and that this moment in time was meant to happen...

"will you marry me?" 


Ive loved and Ive Lost her..

My life now is at its end..


I must say i had fun....


Ive shared laughs, Ive made memories, I followed my dream but most of all i found Love..


The Love Of My Life.. She loved me back just as much as i loved her and i could never ask for more i knew that as i was dieing here on this hospital bed that she will be waiting for me up there up there in heaven.. shell be there ready to take my hand calm me down through it all... i know im ready because she died loving me.


So with my last breath "I love you Kierha"


The End.

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