Magic Is Lost.

When Harry gets into a car crash almost killing him and he falls in love with his nurse who thinks she's going crazy cause she's the only one who can hear him. ....what will Harry go through to get her when she's engaged and he's in a coma?


9. I didn't Blow him off!

---------------one and a half years later-------------------Harry's P.O.V

"so me and El are going to that new restaurant by Kim's house if you wanna double date tomorrow for valentines day?" Louis asked me "umm no can do lou sorry" i said picking up my phone to call kierha "what why." he asked me crossing his arms "don't worry bout it" i said laughing and walking out the door.

Kierha's P.O.V
ring-ring i looked at my phone to see that harry was calling me "hello?" i answered it "i love the way you answer the phone" he said on the other line i just laughed "so what's up?" i asked him "still on for tomorrow!" "ohh yeah harry but i might be late i have so much work to do at the hospital this guy got in a coma the other day and since they think i can talk to people who are in a coma people keep shoving money in my face and asking me to do it ugh" i said sadly "oh" he said sounding really disappointed "harry its okay we can hang out another day don't worry i love you and we are both grown up's its fine"  i said trying to make him feel better "but its valentines day." he said kind of angrily "i know.. alright alright ill try okay only for you" i said back to him "good because we have to go out tomorrow okay we just have to" he said demanding i just laughed "okay harry but i got to go im at work and if they catch me talking to you again i think this time they actually might fire me instead of just threatening it" i laughed "alright love you bye" "love you to harry bye!" i said laughing and hanging up the phone and putting into my pocket and getting back to work.

Harry P.O.V
"HAROLD HURRY UP IM NOT BEING LATE AGAIN BECAUSE YOU DECIDED TO CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" i heard Niall yell from down the stairs i walked out of my room and over to Niall "why do you come over to my house any way?" "because ive been doing it since we've started practising for the 2014 tour and it brings me good luck your my good luck charm harry" Niall said smiling and pulling me out the door. we start are 2014 tour in two weeks so ive been calling and trying to spend time with Kierha as much as possible because i don't wanna lose her! and tomorrow's really important it is! "I heard you blew Louis off this morning why?" Niall said as we started driving "i didn't blow him off i just couldn't make it to what he had planned i guess" "well any ways whys that?" "because." i replied looking out the window "tell me i promise ill keep it a secret" ever since ive moved out of Louis place Niall seems to show up a lot at my place i love Niall but i miss Lou i feel bad i 'blew him off' but i had a reason! "so spill Harold!" Niall demanded "i wanted it to be special" "what's more special then your girlfriend and your boyfriend all in one meal" Niall laughed "just drop it" i said still looking out the window "what ever you say" Niall said smiling at me then looking back at the road. 



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