Magic Is Lost.

When Harry gets into a car crash almost killing him and he falls in love with his nurse who thinks she's going crazy cause she's the only one who can hear him. ....what will Harry go through to get her when she's engaged and he's in a coma?


17. Heart Attack

Harry POV

I got the call, the man on the line was shaken up, he just witnessed something terrible i could tell, my Fiancée i heard her name in the conversation, i was going in and out, a shooting at my house, my Fiancée  my love..of my life, Hospital, i dropped the phone and fell to my knee's 

"HARRY" I heard my mother scream behind me i felt her wrap her arms around my chest as i fell stomach to the ground "HARRY" I heard her scream again, my heart it hurt, than everything was black.

When i woke up i looked around and saw myself on the couch at my house...

"Harry" i heard Louis grab my hand "where is she?" "harry you need your rest" "I SAID WHERE THE HELL IS SHE" Louis backed away and started crying "Harry calm down you had a heart attack" i looked around the room and saw everyone standing there starring at me like i was crazy "WHERE IS SHE ANSWER MY GOD DAM IT!" my mother she ran away crying her hands over her eyes Niall looked at me "I cant do it" he said and walked away and I looked at Liam and he was in tears "Im so sorry mate" he said through his tears walking away.. and i looked at Zayn who just walked away crying with no words.. Than my heart again... Black

I woke up in a Hospital bed now surrounded by machines and nurses at my feet.. "" i asked again i was still not getting any answers.. i was almost at the verge of tears not knowing where my love is when my heart again i heard the machines around me they were going crazy the doctors running in a sharp thing in my arm and blank..

I wasnt sure what was happening at this point but all i knew was.. i wanted to die... 

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