Magic Is Lost.

When Harry gets into a car crash almost killing him and he falls in love with his nurse who thinks she's going crazy cause she's the only one who can hear him. ....what will Harry go through to get her when she's engaged and he's in a coma?


11. Famous Nurse.

"can i get you two anything to drink?" the waiter asked us "ill have water please" "me two" harry said smiling at me and i smiled back "so what did you have to tell me?" he asked taking a sip of his water as the waiter handed it to us "umm ill tell you aster supper" i said smirking then scratching my head and looking at the menu "okay" he said back still confused "so how was your day?" he asked me "crazy i have a lot of people there today including hello Canada magazine things are just getting to crazy plus the doctor i mainly follow after is thinking that maybe im getting to famous for the job just pisses me off you know" i said angrily looking at him then back at the menu then back at him "what about you babe?" i asked him "just a normal day" he said laughing and laughed a bit to..

"Can i take your order?" "yeah im ready you love?" "yeah" i said as we smiled at each other "what will it be?" he asked looking at harry "Ill have the chicken breast choplets with cheese over and potato thins on the side please?" "okay and for her?" he asked still looking at harry "Why are you looking at me as you speak to her?" he asked kind of angrily "Harry i don't care" i said putting my hand over his "No its not okay your that's really rude" he said standing up "im sorry sir i-" "apologize" "no its fine really" i said at the waiter "kierha i got this?" "got what an argument?" i said standing up to and looking at harry "harry take me home" i said grabbing my purse and jacket "No-no Kierha waiter im sorry im just really stressed i promise please let me make up to you" he said in my eyes worried "Okay" i said sitting back down and harry sat down to "ill just have the same" i said smiling at the waiter "okay be right there" the waiter said walking away.

"oh man im so full but i still want dessert you?" harry asked "no im fine i think" i said smiling "no i insist" he said smiling "okay" i said laughing and he leaned in "give me some extra dessert?" he said smiling at me and i leaned in to and looked at him "i could say the same" and he put his hand on the back of my head and slammed are lips into each other and then we backed up "i don't think there's a dessert in this world that can top your lips" he said winking at me and i just laughed "desert or bill sir?" the waiter asked "Desert" he said smiling "okay what would you like?" he asked harry "ill have a chocolate cake slice" he said smiling "and you?" he said looking at me and harry smiled at me a smug smile "ill have the same" i said laughing a bit and harry laughed a bit with me..

Harry's P.O.V-

"i have to go to the bathroom" i said smiling and standing up then going to the bath room then i turned around and saw her playing with her spoon i laughed then walked up to the waiter "can you put this in the cake?" i said handing him the.......

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